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  1. Did you ever get that Candy Red Jagstang going?

  2. Not 100% sure, Fender have stopped producing the Jag-stang many a time. Anyway, all reissues are the same bar some removable stickers and the switchover from 'Made in Japan' to "Crafted in Japan' around 97. Also many guitars that are listed as say an 05 model may be produced in 04. Regardless, pretty much every Jag-stang is the same. You can check my big sticky here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9625
  3. Thats fine and I understand. I'm taking her off this arvo and will try get it packaged for tomorrow. If any of you fine gents have a spare shortscale neck around and can send to Australia, let me know
  4. Hey all, As promised I have some photos of the ax. It's been sitting in a bag for a while since I can't get the intonation right and it has earthing problems (fixed when I get metal saddles, the tusq ones bit of a bad decision). I'm sending the neck back to Cross soon and once got the cash I'll source another shortscale neck
  5. I've used a Big little muff for my fuzzy goodness. It is the best of both worlds, with the NY creaminess but a hint of the russian ballsy-ness
  6. Cross: Hey man, good to hear from ya! At the moment getting the guitar fixed isn't my main priority. I haven't been playing very much recently since I haven't had the time nor do I have anyone to jam with (my mates are now very busy with their bands). I've sent you a PM anyway and possibly in a few months mite look at getting it done
  7. It was guy from these forums called Cross. He used to live in Tasmania but he moved at some stage and I no longer have his contact details. Sorry man. I recommend using Warmoth, with the Aussie dollar strong it's worthwhile
  8. Hey guys, reving a very old and dead thread! I haven't been around in a very long time, I've been concentrating on uni and hence kinda drifted away from guitar. Many people are wondering how the custom jag-stang has gone, well here it is. It is finished! Visually, it look brilliant! Nice contours and the matching headstock really adds to it's character.The jag trem also fills out the body shape a bit more and makes it look like a real business guitar. The electronics are all finished. In the end, I went with stacked pots so I have a volume and tone control for each pickup (DiMarzio ToneZone and Fender TexMex). I had one switch wired as a pickup selector and the other to control the humbucker. The switch splits the humbucker and will put it in either series or parallel with the front pickup depending on position. In center, it acts as a normal hum. So it gives a great range of tonal options. And the sound, well it's just delightful! There is decent sustain and the range of options with the pickup config is great. ranging from a hot blues sound to balls out rock. So definately what I wanted! But now for the bad. Even though I'm happy Cross helped me make this guitar, it did severly mess up the fret work. All the frets are square to the right side of the neck, which is incorrect since the neck tapers, therefore all the frets are slanted making it impossible to get perfect tuning. The frets are also not level and many of them are lifting. So the main reason I haven't played it much is simply because it's not practically playable. Furthermore, a bad choice on my part was to go with tusq saddles to reduce string wear. Since the guitrar tech wired the ground to the bridge (not the trem unit as requested, grr!) I have horrible earthing problems. So when I get the cash for a new neck from Warmoth (plus some of their custom saddles) she will be ready to rock properly. Though I don't play guitar very much and am pretty rubbish at it, this guitar isn't for sale, though I appreciate the offers. Anyway, thought I might check in, it's been a while, hope you all been doing well
  9. Nano muff is the closest thing the the original Muff Fuzz. Pretty limited control, good as a fuzzy boost for a solo or lead line. Otherwise limited
  10. Make sure if you get a new humbucker, it has alnico magnets in it. Ceramics dont really give a good split sound. Might also be worthwhile changing out the neck pickup to a vintage alnico strat pickup, but humbucker first!
  11. Better off getting a new body made for a string-thru
  12. Pretty much see what other people are listing their 90's JS for. Thats the same price you will get (depending on condition). Year plays very little on the value of the JS
  13. Check the following: - Saddle heights - Neck Relief - Neck warping (can be a huge one, unfortunately not really solvable) - Bridge is sitting flat in trem guitars - Nut is cut properly
  14. From memory, i believe the LBM is between the old green (big muff 2) and the NYC (original big muff). Old green ones I'm sure are the harsher sounding ones
  15. They have very poor bypass and greatly alter your signal. I bought the Vintage Phaser and while it had a good vintage phasing sound, when you turned it "Off" I could still here a very slight phasing sound. Also it doesnt have a DPDT switch, its a fake. If those two things were fixed, you would have winners
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