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  1. Don't judge a pickup based upon how it sounds in one guitar.
  2. The pickups that come stock in the Jag-Stang are ace. The neck one sounds good anyway, just a Strat one, and the humbucker is actually good, just not necessarily in the Jag-Stang, I've got a friend who took his out to test this and put it in his Strat and it really did sound good, it's most likely the basswood making it sound dull.
  3. They're a very reputable company, I have some of their pickups in a guitar and they're really great. I know a guy who used a Mighty Mite neck for his Telecaster project, and he said it was very good. I'm pretty sure they're Fender liscensed as well.
  4. What the bending hell? I can't write anymore because you've absolutely baffled me. Read this though, hopefully it might help, paying specific attention to Mike's posts, he's a Marshall boffin. http://www.shortscale.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9577 Oh, and no, Marshall amps are not crap.
  5. And a tuno-matic bridge. Fender Japan make a Jaguar the same as Cobain had his, have a look for one of those on Isabishi or something.
  6. Well if you want a Jaguar for a "grunge" guitar you'll be disappointed. If you're set on having a Jaguar for "grunge" however, you'd be best going for the HH Jaguar, not the standard. I'm not sure what they go for, but for a standard Jaguar, second hand you're looking at
  7. It also bends around the headstock unlike the MG65 one. The scratchplate would have the be a replacement as well as pickup covers, switches, and trem arm, the blue is also too dark (even with the flash) to be Daphne Blue, thus is Sonic Blue, so I think it's safe to say that it's without doubt a '69 RI.
  8. Yeah, that's dreadful. That bloke/shop always try to sell way above what the instruments are worth.
  9. Did you ask any questions ? Photos can be misleading, it looks like a sonic blue CIJ 69 re-issue but it could be white & the tuners could have been replaced - you need to ask for info. The decal is the type found '69 RIs, not gold like on the MG65s.
  10. Perhaps the person wanted a headstock the same as the Swinger. Ugly and baffling all the same.
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