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  1. I'm in the middle of wiring this beast right now and it's tying my head in knots. Does anybody know if the 56k resistor on the lead circuit tone control is necessary? Fender's wiring diagram has it but the Seymour Duncan diagram omits it. I don't know what purpose this thing serves.
  2. The body is walnut, the neck is mahogany with some sort of weirdo fretboard wood that I can't remember. I found this diagram:
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here and glad to be a part of the boards. I've been working on a Jag build recently. I got the neck and walnut body from Warmoth. I've stained the body and now I'm ready to get into the electronics. I don't want the standard Jag pots and switching, as I'm putting a Lace Sensor Blue in the Neck and a Red in the bridge. I've never really used the rhythm part of the Jaguar so I was wondering about any common mods to the switching/pots there. I know I want it to have series/parallel and phase switching. Oh, and a kill switch for the stutter stuff. Anybody done this sort o
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