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  1. That is clearly sonic blue and he cant string his guitar properly.
  2. Right ill get it done ASAP mate. Might not be for a week or so yet, ive got other things on, looking for a job and recording ####.
  3. Sorry dude, been busy and seem to not have a PM. PM me your address and ill get it sorted.
  4. I got 2 with my jagstang, are they the same? If they are pm me your address and ill send ya one.
  5. Cant he just not use the middle pickup and then get it fixed after the gig?
  6. Numero Uno is correct. Neck Phase/off/on Bridge On/Off/on Providing you haven't modified the switching yourself then thats how it is.
  7. Very pleasant of you.. Nice guitar mate
  8. Likin everythin except the tuning keys, nice work Cross
  9. @ fran - Speaking of fuzz...that guy , the radio guy, never emailed me back I really want a geranium fuzz too but the prices on ebay are sky high...
  10. Ive seena few 70's with "naked" pole pieces though.
  11. Ho, he asked : To which I replied that it could just be a big knob.
  12. If you wanna tune down a full step down fret your E string on the second fret and tune it to E and then do the normal tuning thing with the 5 note and the open. For a half step down do the same but fret at the first for the E note.
  13. Maybe hes only a bedroom user , in which case that amp will be just fine.
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