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  1. I asked Tim Mills from BareKnuckle when I was building my JagStang, what pickups he would recommend that are simmilar to JB and Texas Special and this is his reply:
  2. I have mine stringed with custom D'Addario XL set of following gauges: p.015-w.022-w.028-w.038-w.052-w.070 And it's tuned to low A#. It is not the best guitar to use for low tunings, because of the short scale and wimpy stock bridge, but it is definitely doable. Mine has sharp saddle Tune-O-Matic bridge though. Here is my build thread:
  3. They didn't make any officially. They might have used some left over paint or odd mixes at the factory so it doesn't go to waste. Fender did similar things with hardware (when stamps change going from one year to another), necks (when serial numbers change) or decals (when design changes) many times in their history. Most likely your guitar has seen a lots of sunshine, or maybe lots of cigarette smoke that made it change it's colour more. Or maybe one of the previuos owners simply refinished the body in different collor. Here's a significant over time colour change on a real 1966 mustang:
  4. Get a thicker string, I use .70 for low A#. And don't forget to break a string over the bridge saddle. Thicker strings tend to arch over the saddle because of their stiffness and you can't make it intonate like that no matter what tuning. Just give it a good press with your thumb on the saddle to form a breaking point.
  5. Google and read: http://www.stewmac.com/scalelength.html It's from the nut to the bridge thimble holes. Scale length is the length of open ringing string on the instrument. Section between the bridge ant the tailpiece is not ringing to produce sound (on Mustang/Jagstang). How come you feel a need to create a new thread for every simple question you have? You're new to the internet and forums?
  6. There are couple of things to consider. You might be going for that particular sound but guitar is a midrange frequencies instrument, you just need to give it to her There is one big issue you need to remember if you scoop the mids and you're playing in a band and especially in live situations: you are running very high risk being buried alive in the mix and starting sound level wars with your fellow band mates. I personally run my eq roughly: 2.5-treble, 7.5-mids, 5.0-bass. And I'm keen on getting a tubescreamer to boost the mids even more for certain aplications. I'm using thick strings, low tunings, hotter than "average" pickups, gainier than "average" amp and bass cabinet and this eq works best for my ears
  7. Use this picture, scale according nut width, neck scale or pickups/hardware size: Ginormous Jag-Stang frontal Good luck with the build
  8. If I had money, I'd go with Fryette or Orange. I absolutely love KT88 power sections Pick your poison (youtube links beneath):
  9. http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/jg_ho.html AND MOREOVER http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/jm_ho.html They're both exclusive fender japan models
  10. I have one for sale on this forum Please check "Trading Post" section
  11. I've restrung the thing with heavier treble strings Now it's p.015-w.022-w.028-w.038-w.052-w.070 Much better, thick plain treble strings sounded dead and metalic, not enough tensioned for the short scale and low tuning
  12. Thinline Telecaster: Any hollow, semi-hollow guitar will be lighter. Anything made from basswood or poplar will generally be lighter. Smaller bodies will be lighter, mustang or jag-stang is smaller than a jazz/jag. However weight may wary rather drasticaly from body to body made of the same wood species. Use wide straps, they distribute load better and the same guitar feels easier on your body. I use strap 4.5" wide for my 8 string. That guitar hung on a regular strap seems to just cut into my shoulder like a hot wire into butter just after few minutes of playing modify or make yourself totaly new strap that just feels the best, it's not that difficult
  13. Any TOM will require neck shimming, because Fender bridge is much lower in profile. I used Gotoh 510 BN with adjustable height saddles for my build (from Allparts): Most of the TOMs are fixed 12" radius and need saddles filed or neck reradiused to match the guitar. Don't get me wrong, any TOM will require saddle filing because new out of the box bridge has minimal or no grooves on the saddle so that any bridge could be tailored for any players used tuning/string set individually. Without grooves the strings will go up and down on the bridge as you bend or pick... Any luthier will file your TOM to match the guitar, it's as difficult as making a new nut (well except there is metal instead of plastic/bone to put your elbow grease in). I,d go with modern TOM, fatter bridges allow for more intonation room and thick posts ensure proper mounting (don't start with that "wrap some electrical tape around the post" crap )
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