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  1. im kind of clueless when it comes to the tremolo so i suppose i should take it apart sometime soon to check it out... but i figured out that i can tighten the spring tension screw enough that the tremlock button can't UNLOCK (if i first lock it when the whammy is depressed)... isn't the unlocked position the one closer to the bridge where locked is closer to the tension screw? either way, the book says i should be able to get to a point where i can't lock it... from what i'm seeing, i only get to a point where i can't unlock! then i loosen the screw a tad and it seems good. as for the whammy bar, you were right i just didnt press enough.. but how do i get the thing out now!?
  2. i have a usa 62 reissue jazzy and the instructions tell me to tighten the tremolo spring tension screw until it will not slide into locked position, then looses the screw until the tremlock button can just barely be slid into the locked positition... well, when i tighten the screw, the tremlock button continues to move freely from unlocked to locked. i ended up turning the screw very far to where the whammy bar was too far away from the body of the guitar to even bend notes; and yet, the tremlock button still locked and unlocked with ease... whats up with that? this brings me to my next question... is it normal for the whammy bar to just fall out of the guitar? i'm used to whammys that stay in place, but this thing just slips in and out and because of the lack of tension, it always points straight down to the ground making it hard to access. can someone clear me up here?
  3. has anyone else experience slight discomfort when they strum a jazzmaster? lately i've noticed my arm rubbing against the body above the pick guard. maybe i just have bad technique?
  4. anyone know what kind of screws they use for individual string height on the 62 jazzmaster reissue? the one on my high e string is missing and i need to raise that puppy up!
  5. is this for real? http://cgi.ebay.com/2007-Fender-Jaguar- ... dZViewItem
  6. http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/bridges ... g_modified has anyone tried these or heard about em? thinking about one for the old jazzmaster... any better ideas?
  7. i am trying to decide whether to buy a fiesta red or old cherry red jg66-85, and i was looking here for a reference: http://www.guitarjapan.com/fenderjapan/ ... 6-85.html# but its still hard to get an idea from internet pictures... i like the fiesta red, but would prefer a matching headstock like on the old cherry red, but is it really that dark? can anyone compare it to candy apple red?
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