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  1. Hi everyone - i know from looking over years and years worth of threads on this forum that there is a mod i can do to change the switching to: Neck Switch - Neck/both/Bridge Bridge switch- Split/series/parallel Push/pull - phase The only issue i have is that all the threads are so old that the pictures are now deleted or not available. So at the risk of going over old ground...could someone tell me how it is done? Or share a schematic? I use a SD sh-4 in the bridge (4wires) And a SD cool rails in the neck(4 wires) Im not an electronics pro, but i can solder. So can soneone make my switching dreams come true and help me out? Thanks in advance to anyone who steps up
  2. I really want the split/series/parrallel mod and bridge/both/neck on the other switch - did anyone ever find the right diagram?
  3. Haha... thats cool man. Welldone sir!
  4. My main Rig: 08 Gibson LesPaul (honeyburst)- boss tu-3, ibanez weeping demon Wd-7, Maxon 808 tubescreamer, ehx little big muff, boss Dd-6 delay (all powered by voodoo lab pedal power 2plus) - into Marshall Jcm 2000 TSL100 head with Marshall 1960a 4x12 cabinet. Spares: Fender US 50th ann. Ash strat (2tone sb) Fender US Ash tele (2 tone sb) PRS 513 Gibson 72 SG Fender Jag-stang (fiesta red) Fender mex 50th ann. Gold Strat Fender 50th ann. Sunrise strat h/s/s Gretsch Country Classic 2 Gibson J-200 (natural) Squier srat Spares: Fender tweed blues junior Marshall Class 5 Marshall 1936 2x12 cab Marshall Avt 150 Marshall Avt 150 Marshall VS100r Spares: crybaby wah, boss blues driver, boss distortion, hyper phase, Rv-5 reverb, ehx small clone, ehx big muff, multi chorus, sustainer/compressor, whammy, and some other stuff... I'd like to think after 20 years playing/collecting that ive got most tones covered with this little lot!! ...oh and the above list isnt everything either - just the stuff i could remember off the top of my head.
  5. Cheers for the response - ive done a little research and i think i can get it to work. I possibly may need to change the holes slightly.
  6. So like many of you on here i love my Stang and even thought i have les pauls, strats, teles, an SG, and a PRS 513 - its the Stang i enjoy the most!! But like all of you on here i see the JS as much of a prototype - and i am now in a position to change, upgrade, and personalise it to my own needs! So after time thinking about it ive finally come up with my project outline which i thought i would share with you and invite comments, thoughts,advice and opinions?? Im starting out with totally mint stock fiesta red JS. The first thing im doing is changing the pick-ups. Im dropping a seymour duncan sh-4 bucker in the bridge, and seymour ducan cool rails in the neck. I will also upgrade the pots to 500k with an orange drop .022 cap on the tone. Next is the switching. I plan to make the switch closest to the bridge a simple 3 way selector, and the switch further forward to have all of the out of phase and coil tap trickery I am planning to fit an distressed aged smoked chrome adjusto-matic bridge, and a stop tail piece - like les paul. I will shim the neck at the same time to make that configuration work. I will do a body contour on the back like a mustang, and possibly might do a fore arm contour on the front like a strat - but im undecided about that currently. Im going to replace the nut with a bone nut, and look to replace the tuners with either a locking set,like on my PRS, or just a decent set of gothos. Im going to finish the stang by having a respray in black or very dark grey, so when it chips and dings the red will show through, and i will put a smoked black chrome scratch plate on it, and replace the bit of metal with the volume and tone knobs for a matching smoked chrome finish to match the scratch plate. I will have the top frets from about 17 onwards slightly scalloped for lead playing. Finally some strap locks will keep it on me at all times! As and when this projects enters each stage i will upload pictures for you all to see....and then share photo's of the finished article!! Ok lets open the flood gates...anyone got any thoughts on any of the above?
  7. When i play i dont really use the whammy - its just not my style. However when i play i do like to windmill some chords a la pete townsend, but i keep catching my hand on the string through bit of my jagstang bridge? I have already slammed it down, but it still catches once in a while. So... i was thinking about changing it for a more gibson type tail piece to a)firm up the tuning get rid of the un-used whammy capability c) cut down the amount of bleeding from my hand. Can i do this? Has anyone already done this mod? Will i have to reposition the screw holes? Can i just unscrew one and screw in the other?? Help?? Anyone with some knowledge on this please comment and help me out- cheers!
  8. Hey everyone, i have a jagstang, i love it. But, i find the stock pickups a bit flabby in the bass, and a bit scratchy in the trebs? What i want to do is put a seymor duncan sh-4 jb model into the bridge. And a seymor duncan scr-1n cool rail in the neck. My question to everyone is- 1) can i do this? 2)Are there any implications or cobsiderations i need to think about? 3)has anybody actually done this mod? If anyone has any thoughts or comments id really appreciate it. Cheers!
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