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  1. I think it may be because the mustang bridges is floating and it moves sometimes, which can knock it out of tune.
  2. Jag-stangs a mustang necks are so much money though :/
  3. Thanks man, I kinda already bought the jb but I'll keep this in mind for my other guitars for sure. As for the neck, right now I have a squier mustang neck, which will do for now. but I eventually want to get a fender neck, should i get a jag-stang one or a '69 mustang one?
  4. I'm seriously debating on going after this for my next guitar or the '65 reissue. Most of my stuff doesn't really sound like Nirvana, though I am a huge fan, and with the '65 I can put a hotrails or a single sized humbucker in there....tough choice. :/
  5. I decided to go with JB humbucker and a mustang single coil. I have a JB in my strat and tele and it sounds great, so I went with what I knew. I also wanted to give it a mustang edge to it, so I order a '65 mustang single coil.
  6. Thanks! Any suggestions for the single coil? (I'll be buying one when I can afford it.)
  7. Thanks guys, I bought a squire mustang neck cheap on ebay as well as a squier tail piece, i was able to buy the jag-stang bridge. As for pickups, I was thinking a Dimarzio super distortion. Would it matter if it's "F-spaced" or not?
  8. I have to agree, the jag-stang needed tons of improvements, even Kurt seemed to think so, unfortunately he was never able to complete it. As for a telecaster, I'm not so sure about that, didn't it have a Gibson pickup in the neck? I guess they could put a Dimarzio PAF instead. It'd be an interesting guitar, but I don't think we really need more Kurt guitars.
  9. hm......what if you put the neck from the jaguar on the jag-stang? Maybe you wouldn't have to shim the neck? You'd still get a similar feel, I'm not entirely sure it'd work though....
  10. Thanks man, what about an adjusto-matic bridge? Would that work? Also, a lot of modern jaguar necks have a 9.5 radius, does that make much of difference, would that help with the adjusto-matic?
  11. Do you think fender will reissue a jag-stang for 2013, it being 20 years since in utero came out?
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