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  1. I tried this and I followed instructions that I was able to find online and it didn't lower the action by that much. I used a business card because thats what people said would raise it a good enough amount. Should I try to put two business cards? The cards are cut perfectly to fit the neck pocket
  2. I hate to ask this but how do I do that? I've seen people saying that before
  3. Hey! I just recently got a new Squier Vintage Modified Mustang and its a great guitar, except for the bridge. It was awful (buzzes, strings popping out, etc.) so I decided to take the bridge off of my Modern Player Jaguar, which is a tuneomatic, and put in on my mustang considering both have the same neck radius. Well I took it off my Jag and made the posts bigger on the tuneomatic and dropped it in very easily. It is very sturdy and I dont see anything wrong, except for the action. The action is WAY too high off of the fret board. I will post pictures to see if anyone knows how I can fix this if it is even fixable. Maybe I should just get another bridge? I would really like to be able to just use the tuneomatic if possible. Also I am completely new to fixing and modding my guitars by myself. I used to have a luthier do it but it got too expensive. This is the bridge on it now This is the action This is the old bridge, if it helps
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