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  1. Have a listen to my band skyvalleymistress.bandcamp.com
  2. Well i go through a big muff, but i might change to either a pharoah fuzz by black arts or a hoof fuzz by earthquaker devices or even one of the new fuzz faces just released. But i do tend to have it on the overdrive channel, i just have the problem of geting the tight thick chords with the fuzz.
  3. At the moment im going through a marshall hdfx head and a md412a cab but im changing to either a fender blues deville 410 or an orange ad30tc
  4. Hey y'all I have a fender jaguar special hh which have dragster pickups in. These pickups are absolute tosh so im thinking of getting some tv jones powertrons but i wanted to know 1. If they'd fit in the jaguar humbucker wholes and mount ring 2. And also if they sound good with fuzz as i play qotsa, dead weather, black keys, kinda stuff Thanks
  5. hi all i need help. I have a fender jagaur special hh and i wanted to replace the humbuckers with gretsch filtertron pickups and i wanted to know if this was possible with the wiring in the jaguar. Also i was wondering if you know of any places close to manchester that could install a whole jazzmaster vibrato system in my guitar. cheers
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