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  1. Do you own any of them Henry? DEMO'S!!!
  2. Webcam's are three shillings at ASDA, DO A DEMO... ARE YOU A FAG? Your right, if it is'nt indie then it is indie. That is how the gear in that scene originally came about- using uncool gear. Jags and Jazzys were gash, no-one wanted them, forgotten Fenders. Teh kurDtz ruined everything.
  3. Good score dude, its great when you get a bargain is'nt it?! Any chance of a demo? I'm with you on the Superstrat necks, i got a Vester RG550 copy that has a great neck. Concerning image its not really my thing but one of my favorite guitars to play.
  4. For years i loved my Dod PDS Delay but i recently scored a fairly unknown model from a Japanese company called Vesta Fire which i suspect was made in the late 80's/early 90's perhaps. It does all the usual stuff and sounds quite warm for digital. But the range on this is insane. I made a video showing the crazier side of this pedal..
  5. I had an early Jazzmaster copy, it was nice. Lacked the finesse of a Fender but very good for the money. With a good set up they are decent, but as always... you get what you pay for. Let us know how it turns out Westy
  6. Burns are great guitars! I have a Cobra model. You can pick up a black Shadow model for £299 new, god only knows how i have restrained myself on this...
  7. Awesome!! I wanted the wrapover bridge/P90 version of the Melody Maker but missed my chance on one. Recently sold the BCR Gunslinger and i'm very tempted to buy another old Yamaha SG200 with the money, possibly the best set neck guitar i've ever owned..
  8. Dude. WTF are you doing in Peru anyway? Please tell.....
  9. Gotta be worth a shot at $120!! The tuners look like the old pre Ibanez type, stuff from that era is always a gamble. At some point Japanese guitar manufacture went from very average to first class, seeing as this is a 80s model lets hope it falls into the later category
  10. I thought it would be a good guitar to post up here as its so affordable and a lot of younger guys post here.
  11. So, i'm new to the clan but i have the inclination to make demo's... i hope the other guys add theirs (or pictures)! I bought this Burns Cobra after years of curiosity, as much with the Tri-Sonics as the brand itself. At £175 new with a Burns padded gig bag i went for it, who would'nt? A little about the guitar, it is a budget guitar make no mistake.. but a good one. It sits alongside Squier's best as far as quality goes, but them pickups are really something else. Think Strat/P90 crossover, and with the SEVEN tonal options on this guitar it makes it a very diverse piece of kit especially for clean players. The Tri-Sonics also handle distortion well, you can get anything from Johnny Thunders crunch to.... erm, Brian May, depending on your rig. The guitar looks great irl, when i unpackaged it there was an instant wow factor.. Mint guard/knobs/trem tip against Guards Red which resembles Fender Coral? Pink, the tuners and trem have 'Burns' stamped on them as does the guard with 'Burns London' for all to see. Dunno if its because i'm a Brit but despite the fact this was made in China the whole thing gives me a bonar. Playability it was okay out of the box, i've tweaked the truss, shimmed the neck etc but i am fussy with that stuff. You can get these playing nice, for the money of course, it is great but by no means a match for your £1,000 Fender or Gibson. Bottom line: Burns Cobra, at sub £200 it is an ACE guitar!! Sound is as good as most stuff 9/10, playability above average 7/10, looks great 10/10. I hope this makes the MBV fans in the house happy...
  12. The RG's and S series are good varying on price you pay, the Ibanez ART series Les Paul's are good as well. Depends if you want a whammy or not.
  13. Andy Summers!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxAPmKLWIyA
  14. Good score though mate, nice color and a maple fretboard is always a huge bonus.
  15. Yeah, i had a problem with the tracking going out of sync a while back. Been learning the solo in Gary Moores 'out in the fields' and someone has asked me to upload it with my webcam clipped to the headstock, similar to the original video
  16. Is that your video dude? I love the British Steel album, play along to it regularly. I keep toying with the idea of starting up a Judas Priest covers band but just do the older stuff.
  17. Nice one. They re-labelled some Shin-Ei Fuzz pedals with the name Kimbara in the 70s.
  18. Hi-Flyer!! There is a version by Aria which you can pick up cheap usually, Wilson Bros. make one as well. But i suppose Hallmark is the way to go, the guy used to work for Mosrite... apparently.
  19. Ron Asheton (RIP) used one in the Stooges for a while. He might even have a sig model i'm not sure. Always wanted to try one myself but never seen one in the UK and i'm not paying high import prices for a guitar that will lose half its value has soon as it arrives.
  20. We had some good times mate. In a better climate it may have still been going on now
  21. Why is there a blank man on my profile picture? It makes me look like a pedo or a spammer.

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      force? lol! lets make a deal, i'll change mine if you stop the BCR persuasion lol!

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      thats jesus in the pic...the patron of jesus jag (whatever that means)

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      You can't stop the BCR ! It'll get you eventually!

  22. I hope all the idiots were lost during the migration.

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      Doubt it. Although it may, hopefully.

  23. Some well cool stuff there Andy. Whats the story on the Tele-Jag-master? Looks like a custom build?
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