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  1. Thanks. Ah, that's a point. I tend to forget that so many guitars only started as AVRIs quite late in the day - 1999. I'm used to the AVRI '62 Strats, which date from 1982, but the AVRI '62 Teles didn't start till 1999, & if the Jags were the same, you have a good point.
  2. There was never any real doubt that it's a US re-issue scratchplate. Anyway, the guitar is now sold, so thanks to everyone who helped me with identifying it.
  3. Ah, is that how it works? I thought it was on a state by state basis. So do the majority of states have no sales tax?
  4. A recent refin? I assumed that the dirt etc. under the scratchplate meant it must be quite an old refin. You think this was faked as part of the relic work?
  5. Yes the price I quoted was for a '65 Jag RI. So we only pay £200 more than you do? That surprises me.
  6. So you guys pay £920 for a new Jag AVRI & we pay £1750? Wow... I knew there was a price difference, but wow..... Please don't tell me how much you pay for petrol, I had to fill the tank up yesterday
  7. Well, as I understand it, you folks over the pond pay considerably less than we do for US & Mexican made gear. And I believe you don't have to pay any sales taxes either? The figure of £1768 I quoted includes VAT @ 20%. But I'm curious - what does GC charge for a new AVRI Jag? The company over here whose price I quoted (Richtone) is an independent, but their online prices are generally very competitive. We don't really have an equivalent of GC, but I assume that Central London store prices would be higher than Richtone's price. $3000 is about £1980, which is pretty much what
  8. Unfortunately it seems that the pickups & scratchplate are later replacements. It still seems strange to me that this is likely to sell for less than a new AVRI! If you can get me $3000 to $4000 for it, I'll cut you in!
  9. Thanks. Well, I listed it on eBay @ £1899 a week or so ago, but I've been away with work for most of that time, which didn't help matters. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261170075724 It's hard to be sure with eBay, but I would expect any offers I get to be closer to £1600. A deal off eBay would obviously make any offer more acceptable. It does seem strange that something like this is likely to sell for less than a new AVRI Jag (£1768 @ Richtone). A refinished '66 Strat or Tele would sell for considerably more than a new AVRI.
  10. 1966 Jag refinished in (I assume) Sea Foam Green. Up for sale too (I can't get on with the short scale), so please send me a message if you're interested.
  11. I'm intrigued by the pickup behind the bridge idea. Could you explain more please?
  12. That's nice. I have always thought that the bigger black decal suited Teles better. What are the parts from that you used to make it?
  13. Thanks. The finish looks pretty old too, though whether that's because it is old or it's just well relic(k)ed I really can't tell. I'm assuming it's Sea Foam Green, unless anyone has any different opinions?
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