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  1. I had already purchased the red one for $600. I thought if I could scoop up the blue one cheap, I'd have 2. But, Didn't want to pay $1375 for a second Jagstang.
  2. Hey Fender fans, I've been wanting a Jag-stang for many years now. I finally got one! I'm pretty excited about it. I've been playing guitar for about 11 years now, didn't start till I was 21. First I bought a pawn shop unit. I'd love some info on it... It has a black Strat style body. The neck has a black pointy B.C. Rich style headstock that says 'Jaguar'... It's cheap. It worked. Then, I bought a brand new black Washburn X-series. Also cheap. Hate it. Next was my first decent guitar. A brand new Blue Standard Stratocaster '07. I like it a lot. But it just never was quite right. It's
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