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  1. I know its a bit late in the day, but i finally bought a decent webcam and thought i would show off my Custom jagstang with a few live and loud covers: Breed cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXps68XCMPQ Rape me Cover (cleans are a bit too loud mind, you were warned) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOT_sPGtZsc
  2. Sorry for the late reply. The pickguard was raising the over hang which caused fret 22 to rise. Case closed
  3. Its shimmed... I agree with you but the thickness of the pickguard and a 22 fret neck left me without a choice but to put in a shim
  4. Hi guys, Built a frankenstein telecaster, put it all together, got the nut sanded down to a nice height, adjusted truss rod so its about .010" at the 8th fret, set my action to about 1.6mm on all strings and when bending on high e string it chokes on some frets passed the 12th fret if i do a full bend. For arguments sake, my pickguard is 2.6mm thick and im using a 22fret neck, so had to shim the front of the neck pocket with washers to allow my bridge saddles to go high enough Things iv tried: Raising action to 2mm - this made it slightly better but she still choked even if it was an improvement. Made sure the neck pocket was even with no slants, even tried adding an extra washer to one side to rule out a pocket issue. Reaching out to my fellow community here, any ideas? This is the 4th guitar iv built and never had issues like this :S
  5. Looking good! I'm currently building a telecaster, i flipped the control plate around though, i just think the PU selector should be at the bottom out of the way...Also looks more pleasing to the eye that way around!
  6. As long as you like her, thats the main thing! Talk me through your wiring, seems alot going on there?
  7. Shes been around the block a few times eh? Reminds me of an ex girlfriend!
  8. Thats a shame looks really nice though! Was changing the bridge not an option then?
  9. i got a chubby looking at all that (except for the very last picture )
  10. Looking awesome....aerosol can job? or did you spray it like a car? (sorr, cant think of the right wording!)
  11. Just a quick update on this: So i was using my cheap eBay bridge for a while, but was never happy with the tone of the guitar even though i have invested lots on electronics, nut etc. So i decided i would replace the only cheap part left....The bridge. I bought a GOTOH strat bridge from Warmoth, i had to plug the old holes and make new ones, but as soon as i plugged it in and started playing, i noticed the tone improved by 100%. This has been by far the best mod iv made to my affintiy strat, the sound is on par with any of my Dean/Fender/Warmoth guitars. I was beginning to think it was the wood quality that was making the tone crap but its either the bridge block or the gotoh saddles. So in summart for this thread....YES A CHEAP BRIDGE DOES MATTER!
  12. 310 is a bargain! I would get a 3rd if I seen one for that price haha
  13. Yeah basically the same. But you will need to mod a stock a jagstang to get it up to "Kurt cobain" standard. Pickups: need a fender texas special or mustang single coil. And a Seymour Duncan jb. Bridge : this needs to be a tune o matic. There's instructions for this on the website. You could also lock out the tremolo with bolts
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