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  1. Someone should cut up the person who cut it up!
  2. The problem you are having is called "baught the wrong guitar". Going by what you say, you're a humbucker person no doubt. But seriously, if you have the loot to buy another guitar aswell, do so. Get an epi LP or something and swap out the pups if you need to, probably more up your street, but keep the stang intact. Or if you want to go Fender, try the '72 telecasters, delux, custom and thinline, each of which have humbuckers (although one of them, I think it's the delux) has a single coil in the bridge.
  3. The idea of the strat jack plate is that with a strait jack it stops it from sticking out like was the case on it's predecessor, the telecaster. Obviously, with angled jack plugs it's kinda become redundant, but in it's day it was a brilliant idea. I use strait jacks because the angled ones dont go in on the recessed poorly designed tele jack socket.
  4. Yeah, Doog, the hissing you're getting is normal, I built one of those exactly the same and had the smae problem, and at high gain I also have the same with the volume on my guitar? I guess it could be cheap pots and wires, but I dunno. Is it extreem hiss or just very mild and only noticable to the pedantic person holing the guitar (because it's true, I don't know why, but as soon as that guitar is in your hands, suddenly the fine details become noticable when you couldn't hear them when someone else was playing). I think it's a result of the extra resistance in the circuit.
  5. Haha, sounds like fun! Nice one. Although the leather trousers thing may not be so fun. What's the guitar like?
  6. I've heared loads of people say the Danno Fish and Chips is better than the Boss EQ as it sounds the same but has less scratchy pots. Haven't used either so I wouldn't know. I made my own boost pedal, which I keep meaning to post the schematics of, I love it, sounds great.
  7. Awesome, mind if I ask why you put the jack there instead of using the original jack socket? The hole looks a bit odd. But it certainly looks a great project. You'll definately need to route to add the new switches you want but it should be awesome when it's finished. Keep me posted on how this goes.
  8. From what I remember, I could be wrong, but I think it's because it was named the Jazzmaster in an attempt to bring Jazz guitarists away from Gibson and onto Fender, but it ended up being used by Surf guitarists, who then wanted changes which became the Jaguar. But I'm sure there must be Jazz artists out there who do use them.
  9. Um, a set of precision screwdrivers should do the job, you can pick them up in most 99p stores or DIY shops. Or if it's not a case of needing to unscrew them, wrap a t-shirt sleve underneath them and pull. Always works for me.
  10. Can't wait to see more progress on the Archtop Rob. And the Tele for that matter.
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