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  1. The noise is not radiated in nature - ie picked up from flourescents or dimmers, it is more of a loose connection type of sound. It could be static electricity, but even at that, my other guitars do n ot have it so it is something that can and should be eliminated.If I ever find time to tear it apart, I'll report back on the issue, but I suspect a missing ground to some component or a flakey connection.....
  2. I only lifted a corner of the guard and there is no metal shielding. I know my 65 strat has it as you mention. Probably this thing just needs a good going over and maybe the cavity and the guard covered in a grounding material and/or proper grounding techniques applied. You pay cheap, I guess you get cheap. But still a nice playable guitar none the less. I'll just put a little effort into it when I have the time.
  3. Yes - I finally ended up wrapping tape around the posts to keep it in a centered upright position. I prefer that to having it move all over the place on me. That just doesn't seem to be the best way to do things to me. My other Fenders aren't like that at all. So we'll see how that works out, but seems fine so far. Now I have another issue. When I drag my finger over the pickguard, it snaps and pops. And when I'm playing. Wrote to Fender and they said it sounds like static and to use a damp cloth. Yah right. None of my other guitars do it - even my other Fenders. I suspect a poor/miss
  4. Hi there. I have a number of guitars and other Fenders among them, but.. I recently bought a vintage modified squire jazzmaster (#ICS12061673) and the bridge assembly does not fit well at all in the ferrules sunk into the body. It is able to move approximately 1/8" back and forth or be skewed on an angle backwards or forwards towards the neck or back part of the guitar. Obviously it can shift while playing. Any of these factors affect at least the intonation of the guitar. It seems wierd that it would slop around like that. Is there some part missing? Like a sleeve that fits insid
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