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  1. Alright, so I wired it up like the picture. Now I get sound when the humbucker's switch is in the Neck position. I'm assuming this is the tapped hum because the bridge position seems to be out of phase, meaning the humbucker's coils are out of phase with each other. How do I correct this? I swear I used to know this... EDIT: Wait...that's easy, right? Just switch around the South Coil's wires? I'll try it. EDIT AGAIN: Maybe fixed? It's a little louder, but still quiet. Is that diagram for (Neck side) Hum--|--OFF--|--Tapped (Bridge side) rather than (Neck side) Tapped--|--OFF--|--
  2. So it's just those two top posts that are switched around? Wire up everything else the same? Just clarifying. Or is it the whole left and right columns of posts that are switched around? EDIT: Nevermind, I just changed the ground to the other post so it looks like the picture. Now to see if it works...
  3. Whoops! Sorry, forgot to mention, the pickup is a GFS Loudmouth, and it's a 4 wire. Also, my humbucker-side 3-way switch seems to be different from the one in the Mustang Schematic. The prong (or whatever) with the ground is on the top right side instead of the top left. I don't know if any others are switched around or if it's just that one.
  4. If I missed a thread with this info, please link me to it! I'd like to use my humbucker's 3-way switch to work as: (neck side) Tapped Humbucker(so a single)--|--Off--|--Full Humbucker (bridge side) possible? how would i wire that?
  5. I thought this thread was going to be a joke. Then I read it.
  6. That's a Strat?! Wow you really Thurstonized the hell out of it........... funny enough for me to log in after months of silence.
  7. i would also recommend a squier super-sonic. i dont play mine as much as i used to, but it still looks and sounds smashing, stock pickups and all.
  8. i have the bob marley les paul, a jag-stang, and just sold my vista series jagmaster last year in favor of a CIJ jaguar. i also have a tele. for the best bang for your buck, dont get any of those (minus the jaguar ) the guitar that i own that i would play before picking up the les paul, jag-stang, or jagmaster is my squier telecaster custom. for 200 bucks, you cant go wrong. the neck pickup is to die for IMO, i replaced the bridge pickup with a $40 GFS Dream 180 and have been ultra pleased ever since. plus, it looks awesome: i replaced my neck, btw.
  9. and by coil tapping, i mean coil splitting. sorry.
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