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  1. @oonuch @robfordmancs @PME_Politics yes! see @Yannis_Theo paper

  2. @SVG1135 so did sara johanna capitulate? ;)

  3. RT @AlperUcok: Positive reply by fictive job applicants with the same CV in Germany (University of Linz study) Sandra Bauer: 18.8% Meryem Ö…

  4. As a Jewdas Member – Thank You, Guido Fawkes https://t.co/0kDddwD5RO

  5. RT @chrisapplegate: This photo of Dele Alli getting abused by Chelsea fans after scoring is like a giant Renaissance canvas. The more you l…

  6. @KillerMike thanks for the clarification. however, haven't you stated in the past that you're an nra member? plus,… https://t.co/BYNS0fgtHf

  7. @YoEaves niiiice!!! ???

  8. your perfect saturday morning jam - https://t.co/R6a3aBCRBE

  9. take that, nra! https://t.co/2AisU8Kthi

  10. @AndrewCrines agreed. i mean, not this pic per se, but just the stuff he's said on the record.

  11. @Leelum @danhett this isn't really "banning bots" though is it... twitter don't even have a proper clue as to which… https://t.co/DjkxeAr2RV

  12. @GregoryNorthLon lol what about you define it before you accuse me of defending sthg i LITERALLY asked you to elabo… https://t.co/pdZLJ3vcyN

  13. RT @andyguess: Bookmark this piece by @BrendanNyhan and pull it out every time you see another claim that "X swung the election," especiall…

  14. turns out 1998 was a hell of a year! https://t.co/K8iSc94igH

  15. in other news... https://t.co/e2RNEFhVjP

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