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  1. Sorted... all is good now... just them bloody claws eh... thanks to all those who helped. O
  2. O.k... I've removed the claw and that has completely rectified the problem it seems... The short silver wire that I de-soldered from the claw... can that be left hanging or does it need to be reconnect elsewhere ? Sorry for the dumb question... thanks... Owen
  3. Going back to the noise gate pedals ... that wouldn't prohibit microphonic feedback would it ? O
  4. Didn't know whether to place this in the jag section or here... but yeah it's to do with a jag with an SD Quarter Pounder fitted to the bridge. I changed from the stock pickup hoping to remove microphonic feedback... but this isn't the case... still evident on occasions on high tone settings and high gain... at reasonable volumes... I was hoping it would be able to handle this... so my question is : are these pickups already wax potted from stock ? and would I gain any benefit from wax potting again whatever the answer ? I've also heard about about lacquering pickups... is this from the spray can lacquer ? Basically would like to deal with this issue... I've also been recommended to stuff tissue in and around the pickup... somethin' you would recommend ?? Is the jaguar claw causing a prob perhaps ?? I've done some reading, but would like to get some info and discuss here where there is some knowledge of fenders and jags etc... any help would be appreciated... thanks Owen
  5. Thanks for the replies and related discussion... unfortunately that didn't happen elsewhere... You made some interesting points fran... ....and aug, some ace guitars !!! I just popped over to SS and dropped in a thread regarding NOHO... and watched a little vid... is this a company you have started... I'm intrigued !! cheers Owen
  6. Looked through Rick's past posts and found it... this is what I was talking about...
  7. Personally I'm referring to the bridge... it's had a decent setup on it.. no real issues just thought it may improve things further... The whole concept came back to me the other day and wondered if it had been disscussed in detail, but I presume not. I know Rick has tried this method and has pics to go with it... is he around at all ? O
  8. Hi folks, I used to post here regularly a long time back and remember Rick used an unconventional method of wrapping the strings around the bridge before heading to the tuners... I assume this would help the strings stay in place... and add some tension and sustain ?? Anyone care to comment...? and some links pics would be great. Don't know if this has been talked about it much detail, or even if this was something only rick himself had come up with. I know the obvious solution would be a buzz stop but I don't wanna ruin the aesthetics Any help would be much appreciated... cheers Owen
  9. Hi chaps and chapess' I need a definate answer to this. I'm looking to install a dimarzio PAF pro into my jag-stang. However I've previously installed a TOM bridge, so with this in mind what do I need ?? f spaced or non f spaced ? The pickup is mounted at an angle as I'm sure you're aware, this makes any difference ? I think I knew the answer a long time ago but have now forgotton. It's been a while. cheers Owen
  10. must post on this topic That's a great guitar you've built. I always wanted to know what that pickup combination sounded like... result !!! Sounds awesome. Give yoursself a pat on the back for a few hours... Owen
  11. Changed the white guard to tortoise... not so good pics.
  12. I have an X2N that I tried in a jagstang. Sounded alright, although didn't find it hugely different as some said it would. If you wanna do a swap for the JB let me know.
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