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  1. hopefully we will soon we are just currently working on an arch top tele plus our official logo lol. Again NOT trying to advertise these here but we have sold these for around $1500-$2500 nz (depending on the model we make etc...) for anyone that really wants to know LOL. We really just did this just seeing what people around the world think of our work. We were making them locally here in in New Zealand and a mate of mine told me to show some pictures off on these forums so people around the world can see our work and to hear what they have to say about them so I did Here is the tele we
  2. Hey, yeah we are currently making/designing a suitable logo as we speak lol, as for the neck we bought it as a blank and shaped it up, all the frets were worked on and yeah we were thinking about staining the neck as well here are some other photos of another tele we built
  3. Hey!! greetings all I've seen alot of other people showing off their custom builds so i just wanted to show off mine here are some pictures of me and my old mans custom jazzmaster we built from scratch this is the 3rd guitar we have built as we have sold the other 2 Anyways this is how we make guitars down under in NZ lol. Well here it is, has 2 seymour duncan pickups, wood pickup rings, 1meg pots, sperzel staggered locking tuners, the same jazzmaster circuit, jazzmaster/jag trem tailpiece mounted flush with the body for that better break angle, an
  4. Hi Everyone!!!!!! I'm New to this forum and photo sharing thing, But anyways here is my Squier VM Mustang that i modded just a bit lol.
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