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  1. i put my hag in a bass case and just throw some extra stiff foam so i fits tight around the body .. hope this helps
  2. my tuners are in desperate need of replacement due to it being abused by the previous owner. they are wore out bad. my question is will the fender model number 099-2040-000 fit it ... i need this info ASAP
  3. i looked into a warmoth as well and after you add hardware etc... you could get a real jagstang on ebay
  4. gotta say everything i have every want to know about the jagstang including set up and tricks to this and that since getting my jag i have found here so thank you !!!
  5. i called fender about the serial number and it was born/finished on april 8th 1997
  6. I've been friends with my boss for 8 plus years lol so I think that has something to do with it
  7. FINALLY AFTER 15 years i got a jagstang... my boss showed up a my motel room and handed me a gibson guitar box and said here after telling her i hate gibson lol and i was like oooookkkkkk. she said open the damn thing and in the box was a guitar bag .. i opened the bag and bam !!! a damn jagstang !!!! i will post pics in a little while !!!! it's a original issue too
  8. awesome thanks for the links to these site that sell them im watching one on ebay right now .. and never heard of ss.org but ill get on there ... but as for the fender thing ... i talked to them today and they said everyone is talking about another release because they never seem to die in popularity. they need to just release the thing and keep it out .... sticker or no sticker its a truly amazing guitar
  9. i agree with jago ... practice practice practice !!!! get the songs so perfect it cant fail so you can go in and do it in one take... also remember you pay for set up time for a lot of studios
  10. a lot of people on ebay think its worth 800 - 1000 ... in no way are they worth that. especially damaged .. i talked to fender today and it is rumored at the fender office that they may re release the jagstang in its original form and a squire jagstang ... but im looking to score one for around 4 - 500
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