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  1. Hi,


    I hope someone can help..


    I've been getting alot of buzz coming from the gotoh tuners on the KC Jaguar. I've tracked the problem down to the washers that sit between the headstock and the tuner bushing. The bushing seems to have lifted which has created a gap allowing the washers on 3 of the tuners to vibrate/buzz.


    To fix this issue, is it just a simple job of tightening the bushing with a little spanner/wrench or is it not on a thread and should be hammered back in? I've never had this problem before so I'm worried i'll mess something up by adjusting/fixing it wrongly.


    Any help would be great.



  2. heres a pic of the mustang yall are talking about with the white humbucker. i dunno if these new mustangs will have that same shade of blue, they appear to but you never know.

    as for the kurt jag, now that fender has caught up on production for these guitars (finally) youll see more and more of them. from what i understand they sold a lot of them.

    Cobains 1993 Japanese Mustang

    Maybe it was originally black and he swapped it for a white, as he used it live more often than the others. In my opinion the Signature Jaguar is too expensive (over a grand in the UK!?). Im hoping these will be more reasonable.

  3. I think he switched the Super Distortion out that was white for a JB that was black. You can check it out at the Kurt Cobain's Guitars Now blog site.

    TBH I really don't care what one is more like Kurt's though. I kinda think the Comp is sexier but the Sonic Blue would be less expensive. The one thing I didn't like about the KC Jaguar is the neck was 9.5 radius so I'm happy this is 7.25.

    I had a look - cheers for the tip! Seems they made 5 sonic blue ones. The site shows 4 of them and each has a black humbucker. i think the sonic blue and fiesta red ones look gorgeous.

  4. lol YES!!!! and they actually got it right this time! oh wait no they didnt, the comp mustang doesnt have a matching headstock. go FENDER!!! at least sonic blue is the correct shade though.

    and look a FIESTA RED mustang, go figure!

    Wasnt his humbucker white on the sonic blue model too?

    Still, i like the look of those. maybe this is the mustang neck ive been looking for...

  5. Hey,

    Thanks for the reply. Its a good suggestion but i dont think i could bring myself to take it off. I had a bad experience removing a neck from an old epiphone thats kinda put me off tinkering. I could never get the neck to fit properly back on after removal. Plus i love my jagstang too much :).

    I've done some more research and i see the '65 mustangs are 'chunkier' than the '69 mustangs (neck and also body). It sounds like the '69 would be the way to go for me. I read jag stang necks fit the '69 even down to the screw holes, which sounds promising that the necks are indeed quite similar. but i want a brand new one and i cant read japanese!(ishi-bashi). Any ideas if fender will announce a new line of mustang reissues for the west any time in the near future? isnt namm 2012 in january?

    PS.. all you dudes who've viewed the thread feel free to chip in! :)

  6. Hi All,

    I'm looking into buying one of the '65 mustang reissues after years of owning a jag-stang. But before i splash and cash id ideally like some background info on a few things.

    1. My jag-stang is a basswood body but i see the '65 mustangs are built from Poplar... How does poplar effect the tone compared to basswood? Is its a heavy wood? Does it 'ding' easily like basswood? are there any pros/cons?

    2. The main reason id like a mustang is down to my jag-stangs neck. The size and shape is perfect for me. However i dont actually know that specs of the jag-stang neck. The '65 mustangs have a 'C' shaped neck. Is this the same as the jag-stang (do all stock mustangs carry the same neck?)

    Apologies if youre all wonder where the hell i've appeared from...I used to frequent these boards about 10 years ago! Hi to anyone who might remember!? mike? doog?

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