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  1. Another question: I'm going to sell all the Jaguar bits (pickups, pickguard, switches etc etc) would you recommend selling them separately or together as a package and how much on average could I realistically expect to get for them? Cheers
  2. Haven't posted for a while but thought i'd share a few pics of the finished article:
  3. Thanks for that. Well the guitar is now in the luthiers workshop and should be ready in two weeks. He said he'll send me some pics of the work in progress - if he does i'll start a new topic on it. Thanks for all your help and advice - wouldn't have had a clue about any of this without you!
  4. When it comes to pickups, I really don't have a clue what would be best. On this site http://www.at-the-creamery.co.uk/shop/custom-handwound-vintage-and-modern-replacement-jazzmaster-pickups.html there is the 'classic 58' and the 'modern 58' - not sure what would be best out of those two? Then in the Seymour Duncan range there's all this 'high/moderate output', 'pro shop' business which I also have no clue about.. Then there's the question of whether it'd be beneficial to have a mix? Like, one 'high output' in the bridge position and one 'classic' in the neck etc etc? As I said I
  5. Well - I am now the proud owner of this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-Fender-Jaguar-with-matching-headstock-crafted-in-Japan-/221270139465?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item3384ba6249&nma=true&si=7Nec1p85VPwq1Mpyznayxdvg1uk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 and for a pretty good price too I reckon.. There was another identical one in pristine condition with a Mustang bridge for £675 but I can live with a couple of dents - adds character! I have contacted another luthier who concurs with everything that has been said on here and
  6. Thanks for that. I've got my eye on a couple of 00's Japanese Jaguars (both candy apple red) and i'm going to give a different Luthier a call today and see if he can make me feel any better about things... Finally can anyone share some thoughts/advice on which Jazzmaster pickups to go for?
  7. It's ok - I think the fact that you, everyone else on this forum and everyone else on the web Vs the guitar guy I spoke to says all that needs to be said... When I asked him about the work needing to be done on the initial idea of converting a Jaguar into a shortscale Jazzmaster he also said that he didn't know if there would be room to fit the JM pickups into the body and under the pick guard with a JM rhythm circuit and also that a custom JM pickguard wouldn't need to be made as a regular JM pickguard could be made to fit the Jag body... Is this also untrue? Thanks for the info re
  8. Ok I will return to the original route and try and find someone else to do the work. Can someone tell me if there is a big difference between the necks of mid-late 90s CIJ Jags and necks from the 00's? - Early-mid oo's seem to be the ones coming up for sale most often.
  9. It's this guy: http://www.jxgguitars.com A friend of mine had some work done which he was really happy with and quite a few people recommended him so I find it kind of bizarre that he would give me this information and when I told him everywhere and everyone else I had asked said it wasn't possible, he insisted it was... I came THIS close to buying a Jazzmaster after speaking to him too... This whole thing is really getting me down a bit now to be honest..!
  10. I've just been told by my local and highly regarded luthier that a 24" neck would indeed work just fine with a Jazzmaster body.. God i'm confused now...
  11. Can anyone answer my question on the neck difference between the mid to late 90's and 00's Jaguars? How do the 00's ones compare to a Jagstang neck? The reason I ask is there is an absolutely mint condition Japanese Jaguar on ebay now from 2007-08 for £700. Thinking of buying.
  12. How much are we talking from Warmoth compared to my current plan of buying a late 90's Jag and having it modified? I like the idea of the late 90's Jaguar as the neck is apparently almost identical to the Jagstang. I live in the UK so would I have to pay all the import taxes etc? And would I have to send them an email specifying exactly what I want? Maybe I was being blind but I couldn't see a custom Jaguar body option in the guitar builder section? Going back to the late 90's Japanese Jaguars - I have been checking ebay and gumtree every day and haven't seen anything until yesterda
  13. Sorry, I admit I had forgotten about your original post re late 90s Jaguar necks but thanks for re-iterating. So I will keep my eye out for a Japanese Jaguar (late 90s?) on ebay (and gumtree if it's local) and i will also contact a local guitar guy about the body routing and pickguard. Thanks again for all your help and advice and I will post updates on the project.
  14. Ahh right so a Japanese Jaguar neck feels very similar to a Jag-Stang? Are we talking similar to the point where I'd actually not really be able to tell the difference? If that's the case then it'd be much easier (and cheaper!) - I'd much rather skip having to buy a Jag-Stang neck if i could get away with it! And if i didn't like the feel I could always fit a Jag-Stang neck at a later date. Finally what would you consider a reasonable price for a second hand Jap Jag in reasonable condition and can you recommend any decent places to look for one? (I only really know ebay at the moment.
  15. If not Japanese then what alternative? I need a pretty clear idea of what I need to look for and what will work with the neck. But if I can find a Jag/Jag body for a reasonable price it's definitely getting done! Still no idea where I would go for the custom pickguard? Cheers!
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