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  1. yeah i guess that all makes sense. i've had this guitar for about 40 years and never realized what i had, i just left it in storage because i gave up playing a long time ago. i took lessons for a while, which is where i ended up buying this guitar, Probly payed like 200 bucks for it then cause it was used. i played with some buddies for a year or two then just got into other stuff, and put it away. then recently, i was working with this dude who was a keyboardist and we were talking, he was telling me about kurt cobain bringing back the popularity of the jags and i thought wait a minute thats
  2. yeah, thanks, dont freak me out like that i was going to kill myself there for a second. its weird because the serial # on the neck plate coincides with a 1965 manufacture date according to the dating charts on the fender site but the neck stamp reads 1 dec 64 B (with green slash through 64) i couldnt find any other dates in the body anywhere so i cant ftgure out for sure if its pre cbs or what
  3. does anyone know why the neck date on my jag which reads 1 dec 64 B has a green hand done slash through the 64 ? i know that around that time period fender was bought by cbs and changes were happening but i dont know what this could possibly mean. its obvious that the mark was intentional
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