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  1. the other thing I'm still in the dark about.. what year is this guitar? is it the 94-95 or the 2007 model? any way I can tell?
  2. cool I'll take your word for it then, been rippedoff with a Fender before so I am wary
  3. thanks for the reply, man. Kinda want to find out about the decal though. I read somewhere that some painted headstocks have the paint done, then the decal put on then the finish. but that doesnt explain why the Jaguar and special decals don't have the outline. I'd like to hear from other owners about the logo if they have a faint outline around their Fender logo. Whether it's a fake or not, I like the guitar very much, and I think it was a bargain for £150!
  4. Here is a pic of the full thing. Not my bedsheets, they're my girlfriends, honest....
  5. http://s22.postimg.org/z8jeqpeu9/jag1.jpg http://s24.postimg.org/wcer9puxx/jag2.jpg My phone camera is quite #### so these are the best I can get. Outline around the Fender logo isn't noticeable on camera, also noticed there is a little ® next to the Fender logo on the decal, but it's greyed out and very faint. The serial is T030793. I put it into the search and got: Guitar InfoYour guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan in the Year(s): 1994 - 1995
  6. Hi, today I bought the black and chrome Fender Jaguar HH Special and I'm a little concerned. I'm pretty new to jags and Fenders in general. The main issue I have with this guitar is the Fender decal, it looks very suspicious. Around the Fender Logo there is a very faint outline that looks as if someone has applied a decal, i just wanted to know if this is something which real jags can have or is it obviously a fake. The reason I'm confused is because the JAGUAR and Special decals don't have this outline, but the Fender logo does. My first thoughts were that this was a Squier that someone had "Fendered" but I'm not so sure anymore. It has the Made In Japan decal on the neck at the joint with a T0xxxx-something or other serial number. I took off the neck and at the joint end of the neck is a round metal thing in the wood and a JGS stamp. I also took the pickups out but there is nothing on the back of them. the bridge and tailpiece have Gotoh Japan on the underside. Any help or opinions would be appreciated. It looks exactly the same as the Jag Special HH that's a few posts down. Thanks, Sludgey
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