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  1. My Fender Thinline jaguar. The Japanese take on celebrating the Jaguar's 50th anniversary. I've upgraded it with bullock custom pickups, black pickup covers, and turned the strangle switch to a parallel series option.
  2. I have the same guitar, mine is in olympic white. never had any issues with it. The stability of the bridge is not an issue since it uses a TOM already. The bad bridges are the traditional ones with the grooves. I have 4 Jaguars, and the HH is the most versatile and the one that needs the least modifications. It is an awesome guitar as it already is.
  3. I added the buzzstop combined with mustang bridge... some say it is overkill... but I say it is a good combination. I tried one without the other and there is real big difference.
  4. Just recently upgraded my Vintage reissue Jag with duncan antiquities and a mustang bridge + buzz stop. Now they sound far from how it sounded stock. The pickups were more "glassy", powerful, and clear. The mustang bridge and buzzstop combination gave really good sustain. Notes are now crisp and clear with good string to string response.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it... Some MIJ that's old seems to have that kind of decal after some time... It looks like a blacktop Jaguar model with dragster pickups.
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