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  1. Installed a Staytrem arm recently. I love it. The old arm I was always fighting with. The grub screw chewed up the first arm I had in there, and I could never keep the arm where I wanted it. After replacing the chewed up arm with an import Strat arm that I had ground the threads off of, I put a little ball bearing between the arm shaft and the grub screw. That worked a little a bit better but it was still something I just tolerated. The Staytrem is nearly perfect. The tension on the arm travel is just right and the adjustable arm height really dials it in. The arm is always where I want it.
  2. Do you live an old house with the original wiring? I once lived in a house that was built in the 20's that had crazy wiring. Whenever the neighbor behind me fired up a power tool, which was often, I could hear electrical noise through my stereo speakers. Someone had upgraded the sockets to the 3 prong type but the third prong socket wasn't properly grounded. That might have been part of the problem. At the time, I had this hobby of designing and building stereo speakers but I had hard time with the some the sensitive driver measurements I wanted to make because there was so much noise carried on the poorly grounded house wiring; I could see it on my oscilloscope. I used to have trouble with an internet dialup modem too (this was a while ago) which I think was due to the noisy wiring also. So, if your house has old wiring, maybe setup your gear somewhere else- hopefully with good wiring- and see if you get the same noise.
  3. Sweet! That 36th anniversary PU is basically a PAF reproduction with some modern enhancement. I was actually at first thinking of suggesting a PAF copy of some sort because the first thing your first post made me think of was the Tim Shaw PAF replica's that are in my 80's Gibson SG '62 Reissue. Not the Tim Shaw versions specifically- they are uncommon and appear for stupid high prices on Ebay and I'm sure the Dimarzio PAF and Seymour Duncan PAF copies are just as good if not better. If I had a Kurt Cobain Mustang I'd seriously consider replacing the JB with the 36th anniversary like you did, though I do also have a thing for the Bill Lawrence PU's I mentioned.
  4. Take a look at Bill Lawrence "Wilde" pickups (NOT the other guy doing business as Bill Lawrence USA, ripping off the good man's name), in particular the L90. I use L45's in my Mustang and they sound great clean or dirty- really Hi-Fi. They're twin blade humbuckers in a single coil size, based on the L90. The L90 is a regular humbucker size PU. If you don't mind a little Vietnamese, this video showcase the clean sound pretty good I think. http://youtu.be/H9Vh9r7LzRE
  5. Yep- What Al(ex) said about the pickup routing. The bridge pickup route on a Mustang is the reverse of the route on a Strat. The route is sort of triangular shaped, to accommodate where the wires come out of the pickup. On a Strat, all of the pointy parts of all three pickup routes point down to the bridge. On a Mustang, the pointy parts point in to each other, so the neck PU route points the bridge and the bridge PU route points up to the neck- the reverse of the Strat route.
  6. That Mustang sure is nice to look at and looks comfortable to play.
  7. Recently picked up a new Squire Bronco Bass with a little bit of a discount. I'm not a bass player really but I'm loving this instrument and its a perfect compliment to my parts-Stang. Probably not the most versatile bass but seems like a pretty good value to me and I like the simplicity of it. I'll probably replace the PUP with a Bill Lawrence L45 twin blade like I have in the Mustang. I wish there were more options for a replacement pickguard, though.
  8. My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw this topic, because I've just recently become really fixated on Shellac. I sure do envy your opportunity to see them perform! Must of been a great show. That preamp looks like an Intersound IVP, something Albini is known for using. Gadget on top of the Bassman looks like a tuner. I've puzzled over that metal plate, too. It looks like the strings are anchored through it. Maybe the mass of the plate in conjunction with the aluminum neck helps him achieve his unique "tone" or "sound", I'm not even sure what to call it.
  9. I found out only a couple days after I posted this topic that Bill Lawrence had died. I'd placed my order just 6 days before he died and received the pups 2 1/2 weeks later, about their typical turn-around time from what I understand. I'm amazed that Bill's family was able to get them out so quickly with all that they must be going through. According to Becky Lawrence via their website, it was Bill's wishes that the company carry on as usual without him. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family of a great innovator known as Bill Lawrence.
  10. I recently installed a pair of Bill Lawrence L45s twin blade pups on my CIJ Mustang, replacing a vintage pair I borrowed from an old and tired 77/78 Mustang I have. They're not quite perfect, but I am really loving these new pups! Being humbuckers, they're much quieter than the old stock single coil pups- a big part of what I was after. Tonewise, they are the best of both worlds between the Tim Shaw PAF'ish humbuckers in my Gibson SG 62RI and the vintage Mustang pups.
  11. Its all pretty subjective, but IMO while burst finishes might look nice and pretty up close, especially to the player, they are kind of boring, or at least not so attention getting to the observer, from afar. Unless maybe the wood grain is highly figured, like with a flame maple. Daphne blue and white pearloid would stand out more, if that's what you're after.
  12. Hard to tell, but it looks to me like the top unit has a strip of duct tape across it. No idea what it could be, though. It has been said that the Crown power amps that Cobain preferred were not reliable so maybe the Marshall power amp is a hastily acquired backup.
  13. I am considering buying a Randall RD1C, 1 watt tube combo amp with an effects loop and speaker emulated line output. I like it for the F/X loop, low watts, and the XLR speaker emulated output, but this amp is way gainy with almost no clean headroom, and I need more clean. The only review on youtube (for the head) has it starting to breakup with the volume at 4. So I'm thinking maybe I could swap out the 12AX7 preamp tubes for 12AT7 or 12AU7 tubes and hopefully get a little more headroom out of the preamp. Anyone that has done this on other amps, does the idea sound reasonable or is it hopeless since the amps is so obviously intended for distortion only.
  14. If you use both chorus and dirt pedals, do you like the chorus before or after dirt?
  15. I ended up buying a TC Electronics Mojomojo pedal. A different animal than the pedals I was asking about for sure, more of an overdrive, but my local GC has them on Clearance for $50 and I couldn't resist. I've been kind of BOSS fan for a quite a while but then I recently picked up a TC Electronics Nova Delay, which I've really been impressed with. I'm liking TC Electronics even more now. The Mojomojo is just great, fat, warm, articulate, responsive to picking dynamics and volume pot. A week later (yesterday), I picked up a used TC Electronics Rottweiler distortion pedal from GC. This one is clearly for thrash and extreme metal, it has ridiculous amounts of gain...and is super noisy- unusable with single coil pickups- but, gain-wise, cleans up nicely (in a clear and usable way) with lowering the guitar volume pot even better than the Mojomojo. For the gluttonous amount of gain, it still remains clear and articulate. I may eventually pick up a TC Dark Matter, which seems to be their middle part of the Mojo-DarkMatter-Rottweiler trilogy.
  16. It might seem counterintuitive, but a soldering iron that isnt hot enough is more likely to do some damage because you keep it in contact with the parts for a longer time struggling to the get the solder to melt. The soldering in the pictures was obviously done with a soldering iron that was not hot enough for the task. You can tell becuase of the charring, which is probably solder flux but could also be wire insulation or maybe even the plastic part of the pot and also becuase of the lumpy, grainy solder blobs. Most common electronics solder has rosin flux in it, and its not a bad idea to have some additional liquid or paste flux that you can dab on the surfaces to be soldered. Flux melts at a little bit lower temperature than solder and helps clean the surfaces and also helps the solder to flow nicely as the rosin melts and boils away. You should have nice smooth solder joints. Clean surfaces, a little flux and proper soldering iron temperature all work together to achieve that. A good, properly done solder joint with a soldering iron at the right temperature can be done quickly and smoothly without anything getting too hot.
  17. Thinking about buying a cheap distortion pedal. I don't have the funds for any sort of boutique pedal, so I am eyeing the MXR Prime (sold mostly thru Guitar Centers and I think Musicians Friend in U.S.) and the venerable BOSS DS-1. Both run about $50. I'm probably going to check them out at Guitar Center this weekend if they have them. Any thoughts on either of them? Comparisons?
  18. Thanks- I forgot about string gauge. When I recently dug my old 70's maplestang out of the closet (until last January, I had hardly picked up a guitar for 15 years) it had heavy strings on it. And when I plugged it in and strummed it, it really barked in my hands. That got me hooked right there so I put my SG aside and bought the newer mustang I'm working on right now. Still thinking about replacing the pickups though, maybe Dimarzio Tonerider S in the bridge. I think I'm going to put heavier wound strings on the Mustang next string change.
  19. I haven't played slide in a long, long time but...well I actually I haven't played anything in a long time until last January, been on a long hiatus due to new family, house, career etc etc..anyway, for a while it was sort of my main thing, with a Gibson SG and then my first Mustang. The Mustang frets were so worn I kind of had to set it up for slide. Had all kinds of slides, Dunlop chrome plated tube, and a thin glass tube, then an actual bottle neck and pieces of brass or copper tubing. Ultimately my favorite slide was long necked chrome plated wrench sockets, 15mm or 5/8" or something like that, I forget. The extra mass at the end of the socket was kind cool, you could sort of dig in with it.
  20. I really like the sound of the vintage stock pickups on my Mustang, with one exception that they are not so good with palm muting as the humbuckers on my Gibson SG. So, I 'm thinking of putting a Hot Rails or Dimarzio Tonezone single coil sized humbucker in the bridge, but then there's the problem of having higher output than the neck pickup. If I keep the stock pickups but rewire the switches so I can have the pickups in series, will I get a better "chunk-chunka" sound when I'm palm muting?
  21. Hi, first time posting here. Figured I'd share some pics. 1977 or 78 Refin Mustang, been rode hard and put away wet before I bought it from a pawn shop in the early 90's. Replaced the strat style knobs with what I call "radio knobs", not sure what the official fender name is for them. 2007-2011-1978 Parts-Stang. Bought the parts of Ebay and darrenriley.com, except for the pickups which I took from the '78. Daphne blue with brown tort. I am in love with my new Mustang, plays and sounds so great. Posing here with my home recording setup.
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