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  1. thanks Robert, and someone needs to ban that spam
  2. Okay so I'm left handed though I can play right handed guitar as well as lefty, but I don't currently own a left handed guitar. I like the shape of the mustang but after just buying a jag-stang I can't afford a fender, and even if i could, lefty models are pretty rare. So are there any affordable left handed mustang style guitars out there? I also like Jaguars/jazzmasters so i fanyone knows of any cheap left handed examples of those please let me know! thank you.
  3. I paid £420 for my '96 Jagstang, but I've seen the later reissues go for around 350-400 on ebay so i'd look in to that. Also try gumtree, there are some really amazing bargains on there. If you want a brand new guitar, i'd recommend the J mascis jazzmaster or the vintage modified range. Lastly, and for the price I recommend this the most, Look at Squier vista series jagmasters on ebay. Japanese made, fender quality and amazing guitars all round. good luck!
  4. The Coronado is an awesome guitar, so I hope that sticks around, and I'd love to see them reissue the Wildwood series although I doubt they will. If they did I'd definitely pick one up. A reissue Jag-Stang would be cool, but I doubt Courtney Love would allow it as I think she has the rights to it. Even if she did, I don't think fender would re-issue it again.
  5. Heres my 96 sonic blue jagstang. Its all stock, but i like it that way. Only got it yesterday
  6. Yet another mustang copy I found on ebay, this ones even cooler looking then the last one. Its dirt cheap as well due to a paint chip on the neck pocket. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jay-Turser-JT-MG2-Vintage-Mustang-SURF-style-Guitar-SONIC-BLUE-B1497-/161135670227?pt=Guitar&hash=item25846f33d3 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jay-Turser-JT-MG2-Vintage-Mustang-SURF-style-Guitar-SONIC-BLUE-B1497-/161135670227?pt=Guitar&hash=item25846f33d3 The sale ends in 22 hours btw.
  7. So today I went and picked up the Jag-Stang that's been in my local Guitar shops window for nearly 3 years. Its a 1996/97 sonic blue model with the 50th anniversary and designed stickers both intact. Its all stock (I'm going to keep it that way) and in very nice condition. Its gonna be one of my main guitars with my band, and its just an amazing guitar all round saeec0efc.jpg
  8. V004726 All Stock, Sonic blue, 50th anniversary sticker. Only got it this morning, I'll post pictures soon
  9. why fender continue to ignore us leftys still escapes me, i ended up learning to play right handed aswell as left just so i had access to a range of guitars. a lefty squier mustang would be awesome
  10. Saw these on ebay and wanted to know what you guys think. To me it seems kinda cool, but I don't really like the competition stripe with sunburst finish. Also I don't trust the cheap mustang tremolo to stay in tune very well at all. Mustang copy's are pretty unusual over here so I might pick one up eventually as a modding platform. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hodson-GT-500-Stang-AWESOME-electric-guitar-Sunburst-Jaguar-Jazzmaster-/141052738908?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item20d765fd5c
  11. Slim it down so that it's more even and give it a subtle offset butt like the pawn shop mustangs and you get my dream project
  12. That's a shame, I was hoping there'd be an oddball lefty guitar I hadn't heard of.
  13. I was watching Weird Al Yankovic's smells like nirvana video, and was wondering if anyone knows what guitar(s) he was playing. It seems to have a jaguar style body with mustang parts, though it changes slightly to a more mustang shaped one later in the video. So does anyone know what it is?
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