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  1. Hey all, I've been bringing my Classic Player Jaguar HH around alot on my travels and when I played it during band practice, the necks feels weird and harder to play on especially higher past the 12th fret. I googled, did the usual checkups and found out the neck has close to no relief at all (finger on 1st/15th fret thingy). It to look like the relief gets higher as you get close to the end of the neck. I've got .013, .017, .026, .036, .046, .062 slapped on them set on Dropped B. I'm not too sure whether it's having an 'up-bow' or if it's too straight? How do I check for sure? I know that
  2. Wouldn't that be a bit too much for a minor issue. Don't get me wrong though it's just I wanna be really sure before I adjust anything. I'm looking around the net and couldn't find a way to adjust the bridge? Thanks again for the response.
  3. Hey guys, So far, I've made several adjustments to suit my music. Firstly, I slammed in 62's D'Addarios and tune them to Drop B. I had a tech do it for me and so far, I'm pleased with the results. However, I feel that the thickest string (6th string) has some fret buzz issues on fret 1/2/3 but not at the higher strings. My 5th string has the same issue but very minor. I've faced these situations before with my Telecaster and I brought the bridge up to eliminate the buzz. How I can I do that with the Jaguar? Also, the buzzing most from the frets and not the bridge, thank god. PS. I
  4. One last thing, I'm looking to upgrade the neck to at 25.5 Jazzmaster neck in the future. Would it fit?
  5. Yes, it is a TOM bridge. Hmm, fair enough, I'd probably have the guy who will set it up for me to screw the bridge in place. But I'll know better now with that explanation, thanks!
  6. Hi Robert, Thanks for that! Really helps. Also, the guitar has a floating bridge too, that's great if I'm doing alot of tremolo action but I rarely do. Would it help with tunings if I somehow 'block' it like most Floyd Bridges or is there a way to? Thanks again for helping me ease my way in to this unique guitar!
  7. Hello all, I've just bought myself a brand spanking new Fender Jaguar HH Classic Player (Sunburst) and I'm really loving the way it sounds. I still have yet to get it set up proper. I kinda got a few questions and was hoping you guys could help a fellow newbie out? Firstly, I couldn't find the manual for it anywhere. Weird that Fender didn't have it come with the guitar. I still need to wrap my head around the switches but so far, I'm almost there, I think. How do you switch to a single coil pickup, if you're using either the neck or bridge humbucker? Also, any idea where I could get
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