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  1. I like them both but when a light is being shone on the guitar on stage I want it to satand out daphne blue is too near to white honeyburst is strange on a mustang so I'll probably go for the honeyburst
  2. Any thoughts on the Fender Modern Player Mustang? Which finish looks best on stage daphne blue or honeyburst?
  3. I use a jagmaster now I'll look into a Jagstang though cheers
  4. I'm looking for a guitar around £370 so far I'm looking at a Fender Modern Player Mustang, Modern Player Jaguar, Marauder, Modern Player Stratocaster, Modern Player Jazzmaster, Fender Pawn Shop Stratocaster ('51 I think), Gretsch Electromatic are there any other guitars you would recommend or which guitar would you go for out of the guitars I've listed
  5. Personally as I'm sure most of you will all of like to see the Jagstang reissued in one way or another possibly for the 20th anniversary of cobains death I know it's unlikely for a return but hopefully it wouldn't be ruled out
  6. This topic is about the possibility of a Fender Modern Player Jagstang. Fender have recently brought out a Modern Player Starcaster so would you rule out the possibility of a Modern Player Jagstang?
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