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  1. Well it turns out that google is my friend. I found AL(ex)’s article and never realized there was a set screw on the side. Fortunately mine isn’t missing. https://www.jag-stang.com/2007/12/tightening-that-dynamic-vibrato-tremolo-arm/
  2. No surprise by my beat to hell used JS didn’t have a trem arm. I’ve tried Strat and Jag trem arms with no success. Any thoughts?
  3. It wouldn’t follow MIJ serial numbers. A “V” serial for Fender is normally used for AVRI guitars. Since it was a prototype, Brooks probably grabbed a V neckplate from the bin as it needed to have some serial number. There is an article posted by a new member, Malecheo. It’s a 1997 article by Larry Brooks who was the builder assigned to the guitar. He talks about this prototype in the article. Fender kept the prototype.
  4. I finally did some mods to my JS. Originally, I wanted to keep it original but like so many of us have found, this thing just misses in stock form. My only issue was the stock humbucker. I had an old ‘80s SD ‘59, Juarez wound, humbucker that I had been trying to find the right project for. I also had an issue where the bridge switch wouldn’t engage in the bridge position. I fixed the wiring, put shielding tape on the pickguard and installed the ‘59. I’ve always been happy with the stock neck pickup so I figured i would leave it in but I did replace the cover to match the ‘59. For the first time since I’ve owned it, I really love the sound.
  5. I just had an old 80s JB '59 rewound as it was dead. I am planning on installing it in the bridge position. I've often wondered if there isn't a wiring issue with the Jag-Stangs. I swapped out the original pup and put in a hotter bucker and I still get a thin, tinny sound out of the bridge. If the JB '59 fails to please, I am guessing it's the wiring. I don't know if this is the case with all JS's but mine sounds like a single coil surfy pickup in the bridge position.
  6. Anymore word on whether they are going to reissue? I saw a thread on offset or shortscale talking about this.
  7. Basswood is generally lighter but that's just a general rule. I've had plenty of basswood guitars that outweigh their alder equivalents. As for the JS, mine is light. I haven't weighed it but it feels light whenever I grab it.
  8. I'm not sure. I am thinking about swapping the 250ks to 500ks this weekend just to see if it gives the Jag-Stang more oomph. Just swapping the bridge for me has made a huge difference but I think going to 500k pots might just hit the sweet spot.
  9. Here is my 1995 Jag-Stang. The pic shows all stock but i just put a Dimarzio in the bridge position this past weekend.
  10. I would definitely like to see some pics with the mustang guard. I would like to swap out my original pearl guard and it would be nice if the Mustang would be a good swap but like you, I had read about how it won't work.
  11. I'll try to answer since no one else has. With regard to the JS, a lot of people have issues with the bridge bucker and not the single coil in the front. I just made the swap of the bridge bucker with a Dimarzio but I left the single coil in place. However, if you are thinking about swapping out the single coil, I don't think a Jaguar pickup will fit the pickguard. It's essentially a single coil pickup but different shaped. Also, Jag single coils use a 1 meg pot, if you decide to go that route, then yes, you should swap the pot to a one meg pot. As for doing the swap, it should be as easy as unsoldering the old wires and soldering the new pickup wires in its place.
  12. After swearing I was going to keep my JS stock, I finally gave in. As most have mentioned, the JS Bridge bucker isn't great and that's being kind. I tried to live with it for a couple of years but by this weekend, I had had enough. Now I can actually move away from just using the neck pickup. I put an ancient Dimarzio that I had been saving for a project. It's definitely a nice improvement. With the original bucker out, I figured I would take an ohm reading. It tested at 7.5 ohms. Not exactly worthy of a Cobain inspired axe. After the swap:
  13. U028202. MIJ and sonic blue. So far it is unmolested and all original. I keep debating whether to mod it or not but I lean just enough towards keeping it stock.
  14. I've been wanting a Jag-Stang for a few years. I was fortunate enough to find a 95-96 U serial #. After some haggling, I was able to buy it for $250.00. It's stock but not mint. So far, I absolutely love this thing. Plan on keeping it stock.
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