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  1. Pretty sure the les paul customs actually have the 498t style pickups. The standards have burstbucker V's in them i think. Gibson just keeps on raising their prices higher and higher, soon they're going to realize they cant keep charging rediculously high prices for their guitars when a high quality company with lower prices takes over their market.
  2. I seem to remember the jb excelling at decent clean and good distorted tones.
  3. variable clipping? That sounds really interesting.
  4. Im guessing you're going for a heavier sound? Heres a sample of the recto model on a relatively mild setting i recorded the other day. http://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2LPM ... MHWNUZ4YA3 Heres a sample of its multihead delay model: http://s55.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0JKY ... 7TLWFK56C3
  5. For me the answer was a line 6 pod xt. All the amps,cabs, and effects to suit changing tastes. I used to be a hardcore tube amp fan too, but this device really gives me alot more control over the sound without sounding fake or digital. On a side note, i played with a band last weekend. Instead of lugging around large amps to compete with the drummer i just brought my pod and plugged straight into the pa.
  6. Amazing. Great looking jazzmasters/mustangs!
  7. My suggestion would be to wait 3 months to fully contemplate your decision wether to irrevocably mutilate your jaguar or not. Even then, you should really consider using single coil sized humbuckers.
  8. Kinda makes me think twice now when i see someone press their face up against a stradivarius.
  9. I haven't been that excited about anything in years.
  10. I'm afraid surf green is the only way to go, matching headstock too! http://www.lovestreetgallery.com/5307.html
  11. Hmm i think they keep reissuing and discontinuing them so quickly to create more demand for them.
  12. Still, i would hold off playing with your teeth untill you can find the problem.
  13. Yoshiaki Manabe is a very good guitarist. The older jazzier pillows stuff really shows off his chops.
  14. Thats some pretty nice gear. When i was 14 i had a mexican strat and a peavey blazer amp, i thought it was the best sound in the world.
  15. Brandon Anix made me want to play guitar. But anyways, the international noise conspiracy always seemed to market themselves as "Danceable rock music".
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