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  1. step 1: put it on ebay step 2: take profit and buy a new guitar
  2. heavier the gauge the louder it will be, and warmer too
  3. Y'know, i think i did, but before that i used "toiletwisp" and forgot the password. Thats in like...2001-02 though.. then i went absent for awhile and came back whenever it was.. so to answer yr question.... maybe.. ha.
  4. nice, although i like it better without the plate
  5. OH MY GOD amazing.......... utterly beautiful.. like the pic too
  6. It's cute, i like it. Thats the only gold guitar i've ever liked.
  7. seymourduncan.com look at the tech specs....
  8. it wont "peal" just dont pick at it, it'll be fine.
  9. Don't do a thing. Adds personality to yr guitar.
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