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  1. step 1: put it on ebay step 2: take profit and buy a new guitar
  2. heavier the gauge the louder it will be, and warmer too
  3. Y'know, i think i did, but before that i used "toiletwisp" and forgot the password. Thats in like...2001-02 though.. then i went absent for awhile and came back whenever it was.. so to answer yr question.... maybe.. ha.
  4. nice, although i like it better without the plate
  5. OH MY GOD amazing.......... utterly beautiful.. like the pic too
  6. It's cute, i like it. Thats the only gold guitar i've ever liked.
  7. seymourduncan.com look at the tech specs....
  8. it wont "peal" just dont pick at it, it'll be fine.
  9. Don't do a thing. Adds personality to yr guitar.
  10. Oh ok, I know who that is, I just didn't know his name.
  11. ...also because Marshall's are used for alot of metal and heavier thangz... And i'm going to assume that most people here don't play metal, so.... yeah.. I agree though, their solid state amps are crap, but I'm a tube guy myself
  12. Shell Pink and a mint pickguard. Aged mustang pickup cover on the singlecoil.
  13. Yep, SA-1 in the neck, and an 81 in the bridge, wired up to custom switching (pickup selector near the bridge pickup, tone-selector near the neck pickup, with a faux rhythm circuit sound on the forward position, and some odd spitty distortion thing that became of an attempt at a strangle switch in the back position) As for the guitar itself, I guess it's been long enough to mention what it is. She's a 96', and been my main guitar since 1999. Currently use this one a lot in my present band, actually, I just got finished with rehearsal using just this guitar for about 95% of the songs we played tonight (I used a strat owned by our bassest for a few to test out it's setup). I've always hated EMG's, espeacially in Jag-stangs, but your's.... i don't know, it fits. Props Sir
  14. I was trying to avoid having guitar companies that happen to make amps, which is why Peavey did not make the list. Fender and Carvin put just as much effort into being an amp company as they put into making great guitars, which is why they made the list. Oh, btw, Crates sound good with BC Rich's plugged into em
  15. why not just buy a Phase 90, and then be able to use yr chorus pedal as a chorus pedal... They're cheap and easy to find.
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