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  1. Is it possible to install a toggle that reverses the phase of the middle AND either the bridge or neck at the same time with the same switch? Say I had a 3 pickup guitar and its wired regular/reverse/regular... is there a way i can get it to go reverse/regular/regular or regular/regular/reverse with one toggle each instead of having to reverse the middle pickup by its self? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. You could always get a warmer sounding pickup in the neck, change the wiring of one of the toggles to be a 3 way switch (neck, bridge+neck, bridge) and change the other toggle to a hi pass switch so that you can still dial back the low end to get that thin sound when you need to.
  3. I've still been searching and I couldn't find anything particularly on the output but I have found some resistance levels. According to this forum the resistance of some 80s Mustang pickups are 5.69k and 5.72k. http://www.shortscale.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=41707&sid=5756463b46109a105c661766cd78453e According to this, the resistance is 5.5k on average http://www.skguitar.com/SKGS/sk/pickup_specs.htm
  4. Hey does any one know the output levels of the stock pickups in a mustang? I can't find info anywhere. Mine is a CIJ from the md 90s if that makes any difference. Thanks
  5. Hi I recently got a 94' MIJ Fender Mustang and I love it. My main problems with it are the 2 three way slider toggles at the top and the inherent hum that comes with the single coils. I'm not a big fan of the in and out of phase settings either. Love the sound and feel of the main settings though. My ideas for making this guitar more suitable to my style are as follows: 1) switch the stock pups with Dimarzio Cruiser bridge pickups to remove the hum 2) remove the 3 way toggle from the area closer to neck and replace it with a master tone wheel 3) modify the wiring so that the remaining
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