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  1. Im trying to get rid of all series (and full humbuckers) to I'm only either using the inner coils or outer coils, controlled by a single DPDT switch. Should I switch a pickup off I want each bucker to remain in split. So for example if i'm bridge only, the DPDT switch will dictate which coil is active still (inner or outer). I've used to diagram below which is a 3 way on/OFF/on switch thinking that it will still work for inner and outer (as its an on/on switch currently) but it is switching between either pickup instead of either coil. Im not interested in having the humbucker setting, b
  2. I have a MIJ RI Mustang which I swapped the bridge and neck with the TOM and flat neck from my CP Jag HH. I had to shim the neck with the end of a credit card on the 'stang. The mustang bridge sits snugly in but the adjustable bridge height screws dont touch the bottom. I may have to fill it somehow, not sure where the bridge thimbles for the TOM are earthed yet, I don't want to have to lift the thimbles either...
  3. I sprayed a Mosquito once with Mosquito spray so he wouldn't have any friends.

  4. I thought the switching was terribad on these guitars. That kill switch is useless, kind of a waste of a switch imo. I've just designed a new wiring for my CP HH Jag which you may find interesting, much more options sonically to choose from... You get one of the rollers back as a volume pot for the neck, so thats 1 independent and 1 master. The second roller stays as a coil-cut, again for the neck. The bass cut is gash, so I added a bridge series/parallel switch instead (single coil on bridge is too quiet compared to parallel). The killswitch is still a killswitch when only the neck pickup
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