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  1. Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....


    I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch to go for the real thing. I found a 1996 MIJ mustang on craigslist for a very fair price from a super nice guy, so I had to go for it...




    Sorry for the poor quality pic. Right now, I am really enjoying it as is. In the future, I may have the headstock painted/re-decaled, may swap out the fast tracks (previous owner had installed) for the zexcoil juicy bucker and replace the neck pickup with a zexcoil throaty bucker and may throw on a white peraloid pickguard. I am also considering a mastery bridge but for now, the stock bridge is pretty solid. Depends how much sustain I can get by swapping the pickups.


    God I love this guitar.

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  2. Hey all - just wanted to share the project squier mustang I am working on. First project guitar and I suck at playing so I am learning to mod and play at the same time


    Mods so far (mostly copied cobain mods):


    1. Locked tremolo


    2. Installed adjust-o-matic bridge (had to drill body)


    3. Neck shim (action way too high with adjust-o-matic)


    4. Schaller strap locks


    Mods to come:


    1. Installation of Zexcoil juicy bucker (getting to my house today) http://www.zexcoil.com/buckers.html - I will probably install this in the bridge at first and then move it to the neck when...


    2. Routing body for bridge humbucker


    3. New pickguard with bridge humbucker


    4. SD JB in bridge


    So far it has been a fun project and I'm excited to work on installing my first set of pickups









  3. Awesome - thanks for the reply. I am about to do the same thing with my VM mustang (just got the adjustomatic in and shimmed the neck for a playable action) and am now taking a look at the best way to route for the full sized jb

    Did you have any experience routing before this and was it difficult? What tool did you use to route the pickguard smoothly?

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