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  1. no experience outing wasnt hard though. pretty easy. pickguard was messed up though. used a soldering iron, dremel and exacto knife. dont do this! edges were ROUGH.
  2. yea it wasnt big enough. i had to rout it. i didnt want to get a jb jr. i like a full size Humbucker. \m/
  3. http://imgur.com/LUqbGBk http://imgur.com/B7ez9uf http://imgur.com/qX3B4I5 http://imgur.com/GBGRPW1
  4. I recently got a vm mustang at my local shop, and decided to mod it! Put a JB in the bridge position, 500k pots, and a TOM. I basically made a KC stang. I want to put a red comp neck in too. Pics to come!
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