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  1. Also, he did the smaller jaguar body, and jazzmaster style,...did work for Bigsby and LOTS of other companies,..I like the old pics he got when Elvis would go visit shop,..SO much history in that store!!
  2. Actually it's Romeros music ,not Ronnies, I'm friends with both, Ronnie is the youngest son,..I hang out with Harold all the time,...I've got pics of the all white 1951 pre jag,... Harolds dad was a very very talented man,... He made a 3 pickup design on a pickgaurd that still works today! Long before les Paul did the 3 humbucker set up,..He started off making violens, and there's still some in the store actually,.. Friday Harold showed me he found 11 pre jags in the back! There's a really great story on how he got started,.. here's another thing also,..back in 1950r so not much people were ma
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