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  1. patience you must have, young padawan!
  2. na, truth is, I hate the super sonic design *and* I've been selling off all my guitars. All I have left is my '80 Ovation Legend, '68 Gibson 12-string, a 70's Iida banjo and 2 Mercs. I haven't been this guitar-poor in years. Besides, what do I care? If I want a guitar, I can simply build it.
  3. I didn't build that, I just refinished it. We bought it from a musician who attempted to refinish it and gave up after a few hopeless hours of hand-sanding. I've always liked the Daphne Blue/Red tort combo, so we went with that and ebay'd it. We paid about $200 for it, and sold it for around $600. That was a good day.
  4. LOL! A capacitor is nothing more than a low pass filter, and when engaged, it only lets the lower frequencies through. Unlike a camera cap, it may store some energy, but not enough to even kill a fly. I'd suggest you use the standard .22. A .48 will really kill your upper freqs.
  5. Wow, I can't believe that no one responded to this. neck pocket and routes for the pickups - 5/8" deep (from the surface of the guitar, not the template!) control cavity, switch cavity and rhythm circuit cavity = 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" trem cavity - 1 1/4"
  6. I took pics of it, for the guy who commissioned it, but now I can't find them. I must have inadvertently deleted them. Damn it! Eh, it was boring anyway. I've something coming up that will blow your minds!
  7. A friend of mine used to hang out with Leo Fender, and Leo's thing was purely squeezing the most $$$ out of a guitar. Plain and simple.
  8. Well, since I don't know which jagmaster neck you are using, I can't guarantee it'll intonate, but it's perfectly fine to drill new holes. You also don't need to fill the old ones and I DEFINITELY would NEVER not drill the pilot holes for the neck, as the screws WILL split the neck. I know... I got lazy and found out the hard way.
  9. Why would a dog attack a Jag-Stang? Were you playing something horrible?
  10. Havin' a record deal is alot like being married; They own half your past and all your future... and, by the time all is said and done, you owe THEM money.
  11. w0rd! I'd have issue NONE with being a FLOWER SNIFFIN KITTY PETTIN BABY KISSIN CORPORATE ROCK WHORE. Or in the words of Steve Miller, "take the money and run!"
  12. I dunno, my 9 yr old daughter LOVES the Jonas Bros., *and* when I crank up my crap and bust out with "Breed" or "Drain You."
  13. $150 is barely worth it.
  14. Secret is right! Play that thing in public and prepare yourself for a proper beating. Oh, and I lol'd as well!
  15. maybe the "metro" means metro sexual I know what metro means...you can be metro and still dress like a man, for God's sakes.
  16. Why on earth are guys wearing uber-tight women's pants? 15 years from now, they are gonna look back on this and hang their heads in shame.
  17. DRILL THE CONTROL PLATE. And just in case you don't habla English: Perfore la placa de control. <- Spanish Forez la plaque de contr
  18. yea, the burning boat thing. If they do decide to bury me, my epitaph should read: "Please send ice. Very hot here."
  19. What about where they are burried? An unhappy corpse leads to ghosts, Mr. Aug I seriously doubt that vanity is the reason for ghosts. (If they even exist.) I wrote out my will when I was 18, and I specifically asked for a Viking's funeral, but if that isn't possible, then toss me in a bar ditch and cover me with a blanket. But, for the love of God, don't waste perfectly good money on a ridiculous funeral. I'll be dead and I won't care. Hell, if you like, prop my corpse up and use it for target practice for all I care...
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