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  1. Yeah, I think you're right. It appears that he even holds it up to show the crowd before starting "School". It does sound like crap, lol. Another place it sounds like he's playing around with it: Endless, Nameless, the longer version where they are tooling about before they really get going. If you listen to the early part of it, you can hear him switching between two different distortion sounds. It's hard to hear, but one definitely sounds like "death metal". I think it's the Grunge pedal. It's interesting, sorta, because you can see him trying to listen for something. It's hard to tell what,
  2. I just re-watched the concert; never gets old. At the end, he does stomp on the Sans Amp but the DOD is off. So if he did play it, then it wasn't from this segment. The majority of the concert, I couldn't get a decent look at the pedals so it's hard to say if he had the DS-2 there the whole time.
  3. Well, that does indeed look like a DOD Grunge pedal. If this is, and that's what it looks like, then perhaps this is why Kurt sarcastically clapped to the crowd after the concert: "You people can't tell the difference!" I've always wondered why he did that. In the full length video, he kind of goes back and forth with a couple people in the crowd, so that could be it too. But I digress. I have a DOD FX86 Deathmetal, and it is pretty hard to get a decent sounding tone out of the thing. I found something of a sweet spot on it, though. But It's hard to keep it from sounding like, well, death
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