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  1. @Crayon107 Thank you very much, I look forward to it
  2. Thanks for your responses. Mad Mike thanks but im not exactly sure what your answering there? JBIZ, as stated in my original post, I dont want a switch doing random things such as tone, vol & tone etc. I dont need anything that complicated! I just want a simple one 3 way switch. Neck - Both - Bridge with the Vol knob affecting both pickups and Tone control affecting both pickups. Maybe if I give you a reason why I need this it will help. When I play with for e.g a strat, I switch between pickups during solos. I cant do this with my JS as if I am using the neck only, then want the
  3. Dear all Please help me, ive exhausted the internet for an answer to this question but to no avail. I have a Fender Jagstang (obviously) and a Texas Special in the Neck and Seymour Duncan JB in Bridge but im getting TERRIBLE earthing sounds even when I touch the guitar or a metal part, so ive decided im going to re-wire her from scratch and get some decent guitar cable to do so. The Jagstang Schematic diagram on this site is as much use as a chocolate teapot, fancy doing the schematic upside down from the top up when everybody who does wiring would need it from the perspective of l
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