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  1. excuse me good sir, but our CA dollar is doing far better then 42/50... last time i checked it was at just over 95 cents on the american dollar... be about 47.5 american. Hurray for Canada!
  2. my band (me and the guitarist were the ones that invested in the development of it) just put one together. firepod - 500$ pro 7 CAD drum mic pack - 230$ 8X25ft XLR-XLR chords - 200$ 1XSM57 - 110$ bootlegged SONAR 6 PRODUCER EDITION+PLUG INS GALORE - 0$ there you have it, we've just got it running and it sounds pretty damn fine if you ask me, especially since we're doing everything live (cept maybe overdubbing vox). Hopefuly soon we can get some songs up on our myspace from this new investment... until then we do have stuff up there the we recorded a while ago with just 3 vocal mics. http://www.myspace.com/pintopublico (disreegard "marigold's tea" as we no longer sound like that and it was recorded under different circumstances)
  3. Lead guitarist in my band made quite the cool 2 tier pedal board. Its got a power bar on it, fold away legs... fancy. I'll try to get a pic of it up someday...
  4. I've only played through one orange amp and it was with a ####ty strat copy, but it had perhaps the best clean I've ever heard. That being said, I've heard orange has gotten pretty sketchy lately. Not sure about the vox, but is that vox model an actual tube amp or one of those tube/solid state trans tube things?
  5. Sounds awsome man, great job on the build. I wish my tele had a whammy sometimes... then I remember that I'd probably never use it... properly.
  6. Whats the P-90 sound like in the neck on the tele? I've got a tele and always had a thing for P-90s... sound clips!
  7. I only bother with theory while over dubbing vocals or figuring out vocal harmonies. On occasion I'll think about theory if I want to play in harmony to the lead guitarist, but thats rare. I often find (and don't flame me for this, this is just what I've found amongst people I know) that the more people seem to know about theory and the more they use it when writting songs, the worse they are. My music teacher can play several different instruments, perfect pitch, all that jazz. What does he play in his band? soft christian rock... Theory wise I'm sure its fantastic, but its boring, predictible and half assed sounding to me.
  8. only issue with the cry baby is its got some painful highs at times.
  9. these were definetly gretsch semi hollow bodys i saw.
  10. havent played too many of them, all I know is that epiphone semi-hollow body's are absolutly wonderful for their price. on a side note, gretch has got some affordable semi-hollows out now, made in japan or something. Haven't played one yet, but they look fantastic.
  11. tele's are wonderful, I think I may enjoy them more then a strat.
  12. quite the solid video, thanks doog! I'll get my friend to search for some used ones downtown, hopefully I find something. I'm thinking of getting an EQ pedal for a volume booster as well, but the rat I'm thinking would give me a nice thick lead tone, more so then just boosting my mesa lead channel. I'd go for the big muff but I find them kinda pricey, and If I were to buy a fuzz pedal I'd want something more along the lines of george harrison in "revolution" as opposed to a cream filled fuzz anyways. things would be so much simpler If I just had money...
  13. Im thinking I may purchase a rat distortion soon the way doog keeps promoting it... Think it could work as a lead pedal on occasion and is it good enough to record with? and btw mesa's are fantastic, twins are great as well but also 100lbs... I like my back to much to purchase one.
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