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  1. Hey all! I can't believe I forgot to respond to this, but I put a Squier MI Indonesia Jaguar neck on the guitar, set it up, and it plays wonderfully! The intonation is perfect and the action is just how I like it. I think next I'll shield the cavities since it's a bit noisy. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Mine is from the late nineties. I know this because I've had it since then.
  3. Thanks guys! You've been a ton of help. I was worried it'd cost more to fix than it was probably worth, but I'm finding plenty of potential salvaged necks out there. The Jagmaster shall rock again!
  4. Thanks redman1401. I'm looking into an old salvaged Mustang neck.
  5. Hi all. I'm new to the forum, but after perusing for a couple of days, I'm thinking this is my best chance of getting an answer to my question. The setup: I used to own a Squier Vista Series Jagmaster from the late nineties. I actually still own most of it. While it was in the possession of a friend of mine it suffered a fatal accident and the neck was obliterated. At the time I wasn't using it much, so while I was mad, I didn't do anything with it other than hang on to the remaining pieces. Now I'm wanting to get it back in playing condition. I have everything but the neck, all stock.
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