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  1. Looking at my next guitar, I currently have a modded 65 re issue mustang and modded squier strat. Im tossing up between another mustang (blue competition) and a 1985 62 re issue telecaster, though the neck is warped. What do you guys think I should buy?
  2. I have a Marshall 4x12 cab which is 240 watts, and I need a new head because the one I have is crap. WIll a 100 watt head be enough to power it?
  3. Not much of a question, but I want to know what you guys think I should do? Currently I have a Fender Frontman 212r and a Fender Mustang, Eastwood hi flier and a modded Squier strat. I have a choice, Fender Jagstang (Sonic blue RI) for $500 or I save a bit more and buy a Fender Twin Reverb amp Jagstangs are very hard to come by in Australia, and this is good cheap opportunity for one. What do you think?
  4. So its me again, with my Eastwood Hi flier problem. I tried lubricating the nut with pencil lead, and still no results. Its not a second hand guitar. The string just do not stay in tune, no matter what What should I do? Take it in to a store?
  5. Should I just chuck pinch of vaseline along the G string in the area of the nut and string tree yeah? Its mostly the G string now. After a week or so the guitar kind of sorted its self out. But it still happens some times. And year it's a bolt on neck
  6. Hey everyone I bought a brand new Eastwood phase 4 hi flier in white around 2 weeks ago now. I stretched the strings that were on it since they were new, it was still staying in tune at this point. One day I took it on the bus so I could use it at school in music class (the guitar at school is ####ty), the next day I noticed it wasnt staying in tune. The neck feels pretty weak too Easy to pull back and push forward. It can vibrate a fair bit while playing chords. Its mostly the E,B and G that wont stay tuned. What should I do? Could the bus's vibrations caused the neck to become unstable or anything else? Note: It came with brand new strings on it, and an extra pack free. Should I change strings? Heres a link to the guitar http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/hi-flyer-phase-4-white/ ANY help is appreciated
  7. Will a seymour duncan hot rail fit inside a mustang pickup COVER? or will a jb jr pickup fit inside?
  8. Hey everyone I have a white 65 ri mustang that im hoping to sand down and stain to make it look like this Its the image below the black mustang at the top http://shortscale.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=923993&sid=076f7292d0999d551f3c20ff2f642e84 I dont have much experience with this re finishing process so any help is appreciated. Does any one one have any tips on what to do exactly and what tools ill need? what type sand paper, stain ect thanks ALSO: How do i remove all the electronics from it? How do i remove the ground wire? I know how to remove everything else, but what about the ground wire?
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