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  1. Guitars: CIJ candy apple red w/ matching headstock jazzmaster 40th ann. gold strat with red lace sensor in bridge (soon to have blue and silver for neck and middle) Ibanez performance acoustic and some 50 buck strat i found. Effects: Zvex fuzzfactory EH usa big muff boss giga delay Amp: 60w guitar research
  2. Pages guitar was pretty pimped out I don't think a lot of people can get his tone unless you knew what he did to get his tone or if you buy his 6,000 dollar model on musiciansfriend.
  3. Cut them off before you poke your eye out, please its for your own good.
  4. I've played a sg classic before and it was great, i've played regular SG's as well and they were good but not as great as the SG classic.
  5. Thats one kinky bass it has two dildos on it.
  6. Red lace sensors are great I have one im my strat it has more sustain as you said and I really didn't like the original single coil it came with because it was very twangy, to much of my liking. How do jaguar quarter pounders sound? Are they any good?
  7. No one said anything. Settle down beavis.
  8. He looked like brandon anix in a way.
  9. Just curious how are the quarter pounder pick ups for a jag? Are the bad are they good? What do they sound like?
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