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  1. limited on options then...lace sensors or swap pickup covers when replacing pickups
  2. sounds like you want a strat pickup? try the duncan lil 59 or fender custom shop fat 50s
  3. Two cobain mustangs and a Beck comp orange. all have MIJ U 05----- serial numbers.
  4. some of you may know i have a few mustang. this one is a beck comp orange mustang with fender F tuners... for the hell of it i thought id examine the tuner... i do weird crap like that cause im all about the minor details... just wanted to see... so the tuners are stamped made in W Germany... is this some sort of joke??? im not kidding you guys. there hast been a west germany since 1989... is this some sort of german joke? this tuner is off of a mij fender mustang that i bought brand new. here are some pics.
  5. @MOZO275 im not sure if you know this but for many many years it was believed that he actually never played his jagstang live... or really even played it that much. then a photo surfaced... i think it was MTV.. a photo that a pro took of him playing it on his last tour... in france i believe. the guitar community was shocked cause we were told he never played it live. there were people who swore up and down that they saw him play it but didnt have a photo. cameras and videos at one point were banned at concerts by big name rock stars... so no one had proof until around 2003-2005 i think.,.. somewhere around there.
  6. ill try to make this as brief and to the point as possible. ive decided for various reason the im going to put full size CTS 250k pots in my MIJ mustang.... the pots that are currently in my mustang look to be mini pots??? i have no idea. i know i will need to make a larger hole into the control plate with a file to fit the posts through... which is fine, no problem. the posts are solid shaft, not split shafts... so i will need new knobs that have a side screw... will these knobs work? are they big enough to fit over the post and tighten with the side screw? http://www.angela.com/fendermustangcontrolknobssetoftwo.aspx
  7. The current mij mustangs outside of japan such as the 65 ri and the cobain mustangs are amazing. No one here can say for certain its a good guitar unless we inspected it. pics?
  8. i dont have much experience on a build really. ive been playing and tinkering for more than 20 years though. it seems like youre goiug to have alot of work to do... ifyoure like most people who start a guitar project, you wont finish it... i hate to discourage you but alot of people dont finish their projects... have you lookedinto the squier mustang??? this cost most buti think i will save you alot of work. ill post a link http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_vintage_mod_mustang_sbl.htm
  9. ive never liked wrap around brideges on like say a PRS guitar or any guitar... wrap around greatly decreases sustain. stringing through on a mustang after you flip the tube will greatly increase sustain, atleast on my mustang, it was very noticeable. the are some people who will only wrap a few strings around the tube...the plain strings. theres a famous guitarist that does that... for somereason im thinking one of the guys from aerosmith but i cant say forsure.
  10. i didnt do that because the angle of the strings leaving the tube going to the bridge was too much of a steep angle. flat to the body means a huge break angle... atleast on my mustang.
  11. Greetings. I decided to pickup this mustang after browsing the internet for a competition orange for awhile, and couldnt find one. the beck mustang seemed to be what i was after... I bought this off of ebay japan from a guy named greatjapaneseguy... ehh hes not all that great. he never replied to any of my emails lol plus the tremolo bar and bridge cover is missing... but i honestly do feel like this is a brand new guitar. ive bought many new guitars in my time and this one seems legit... new like he stated. serial number dates to 2011 but i believe it was never taken out of the protective bubble wrap... i should also say ive been playing for close to 20 years and this is my 7th or 8th mustang. my fourth japanese mustang. overall im very impressed. sounds amazing and looks lovely as you can tell. ive seen a guy on shortscale.com post pictures of his on there but since they already know what it looks like... i decided to post mine here. one of the cleanest guitars ive ever seen while looking under the pickguard. i immediately did a examination of the guitar, changed strings, conditioned the fretboard. no set up needed. so yes punctuation isnt great. im typing this in a hurry. I just wanted to show to people who are thinking about buying one. if you have questions i will try to answer them. fairly deep contour
  12. I didnt need to adjust anything, not even string height after this. took about an hour and half to do. removing the springs was the hardest part.
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