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  1. Hey, I had a chance the other day to compare the new American Reissues to the Classic series Jazzmasters. Although not side-by-side, I was also comparing them to the feel of my 76 jazzmaster. I found the American and MIM to fairly similar in playability, but with that I find that both are junk compared to the 76 (not a snob remark, but my reaction to the differences). The neck on both of the new ones feels too thin and cheap. The body also feels lighter. That being said, the MIM at least has upgrades that make the guitar play better (something fender should consider doing more often). In my opinion any player would be just as well with the less expensive MIM instrument (even though there is a fine assortment of guitar in the same price range that are considerably higher quality).

  2. I thought about getting a mustang, played one, thought they felt insanely cheap. (yes it was one of the new 65 ri's) I'd recomend saving an extra couple hundred bucks (I know it can take a while) and get a used rickenbacker. Its got all the single coil brightness and twang, but a whole lot more rock, and a ridiculously higher build quality.

  3. the neck felt slow and clumsy, it was a combination of the finish and the fret board. In comparison to other vintage stangs/musicmasters/broncos I have played (yes I know there is a difference between new and broken in necks) the guitar felt cheap. In fact I felt that the necks on a few of the cheap epiphones in the shop were better. What was most disappointing was that the trend seem to run through every fender in the 500-800 price range I picked up. I've always known fender to make great necks, and while it really doesnt matter to me, since I didnt buy one, I just wanted to send a fair warning to those who are thinking of ordering one before having the opportunity to try it (which is quite often the case for people).

  4. I was in a shop the other day looking for a new guitar. My intent was to buy something in the 500-800 dollar price range. I tried out three different mustangs the pickups were average, the body felt okay, but the neck felt terrible. I was shocked at just how bad the neck felt. Now I cant say that every new 65 RI is going to be this bad, but all three that I picked up felt terrible. So I recomend if you're going to get one check it out in person. I figured that since the mustang didnt work out that I would get a 69 tele thinline, and I was almost equally disastisfied with the guitar. While it was a better feeling guitar, it really didnt feel any better than a 400 dollar standard strat. I'm not sure where that extra 300 dollars goes, but I think fender needs to work out some kinks. (I'm pro fender by the way, it just seems like the new stuff feels a lot worse than some of the fenders I have played in the past 10 years)

  5. thanks for the responses, I'm also leaning towards a bassman, but I wanted to throw one more amp in the ring. has anyone tried a jazzmaster with a vox ac15? I'd be getting one of the reissues if I get one, but I'm just curious if anyone has tried one. I'm at school right now and my jazzmaster is about 400 miles away, and there is a guitar center about 45 miles from here, so I cant just bring my jazzy to try the amp.

  6. if price really doesnt matter, and you want the real thing in perfect shape, just wait til one comes up on ebay. I think I was 13 or 14 when I got my jag-stang (since then, I've sold it) its not a bad guitar for playing around with, but it can be a technical pain in the ass. I also paid a considerable lower price for my jag as well, before they got astronomical in price... 250 or 300 U.S. dollars. in mint condition.

    oh well, good luck getting your dream guitar or whatever it may be

  7. thanks for the responses, it was just something I've been curious about, as a music business student, instrument retail is always something I've thought about. I also have heard horror stories about fender's ridiculous stocking demands on small stores. Basically you have to carry an entire line of squier and fender guitars and amps if you want to carry any at all.

  8. hey, I wasnt sure if this should go in this section or amps, but here is my question. Right now I am playing a 76 jazzmaster through a blues jr. I'm looking to upgrade to either a vox ac15cc or an orange tiny terror. I was wondering what you guys recomend. I am mostly looking for the clean sound out of the amp, as I use a distortion pedal for the dirty stuff. Which would you guys recomend, and what are you guys using? thanks a lot


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