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  1. I am now the proud owner of 1976 sunburst fender jazzmaster. It came with the original case, hang tags, bridge cover, etc... it plays like a dream, and is a major step up from the guitar I had to sell to help offset my costs. I dont have pictures right now, as I am living in the dorms at college, and definately dont have this guitar with me. Anyway, it's really nice to own a guitar that will probably last me a good chunk of my guitar playing life.

  2. hey, I recently acquired an epiphone sg jr. from the late 90's with a single p-90. I want to use it as my back up guitar, so I ordered a knock off bigsby to install on it. what I need to know is, does the placement behind the bridge of the bigsby trem, have any affect on the intonation (or anything of the sorts) on the guitar? any info would be a big help, thanks

  3. I played the squier modified jazz bass, damn nice bass. I've been playing bass for about 8 years, and that guitar definately beats a standard fender, and played side by side through the same amp against and american jazz, the sound wasn't far off. really, a great bass

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