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  1. i was just kidding nothing will happen to your guitar or will it ?
  2. ive been thinking about buying a set of baratone strings just for kicks i think the 22.7 duo would like them. (if i could get it thru the holes)
  3. I already posted this last month in my review of the 2006 frontline duh
  4. you payed 150 dollars for a shipping company to mess it all up? if i ever payed 150 for shipping it better come in a white duck down filled box encrusted with gold and jewels....and like a couple sticks of toblerone too!
  5. im convinced the jag-stang neck feels as good as it does because the body of the thing is thick as a semi truck tire. 40% of it is all paint haha fat guitars with light wood is good
  6. i cant draw to save my life all the girls at work laugh at my floor plans for departments. just imagine it looking like i did it in MSpaint but on a pad of paper with a black pen i can set up a whole mens department in about 2 hours when other managers are still monkying around with rulers and graph paper 3 days later.
  7. i have been known to photograph well wearing an armsock
  8. im going to try and monkey with the side screws to lower the bridge a little. its got a ways to go before it frets out
  9. for those of you wondering what shade of white it is exactly. here it is next to the supersonic.
  10. for unknown reasons i just noticed this thread. thing looks awesome. right now on ebay there is this giant ass sheet of 1 ply which ranges from very dark brown to red. its 70 bucks. i mean i think its 1 ply, dude says its the same thickness as a medium guitar pick. i haven't played with anything less than heavy 1.0's for like 10 years so it would have to be like .7 or .6. my bronco pickguard is closer to 3.0. but hey whatever right...you could buy that and make tort pickguards forever http://cgi.ebay.com/60s-VINTAGE-TORTOIS ... otohosting check it out good job
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